The Longoria Affair

There was a local Laredo showing of The Longoria Affair documentary not long ago. I missed it by accident. I knew it would be out soon on PBS and the website is showing it free of charge until November 16th.

The Longoria Affair focused on a Three Rivers case involving a Mexican American soldier’s death. He was denied services in the only local Three Rivers funeral home and it triggered a civil rights movement of Mexican Americans. Dr. Hector Garcia grabbed on to the Three Rivers incident and utilized the newly formed American G.I. Forum to create changes.

There is even a corrido dedicated to the Longoria affair. They play a bit in the video.

It was a very interesting documentary by John J. Valadez, showing both the white population and how they viewed what happened and the Mexican Americans who rallied around this particular case. If you have a spare hour to watch it, do so. South Texas always surprises me with its rich history.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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5 Responses to The Longoria Affair

  1. rick78 says:

    Racism still exists today . Hollywood film makers never glorify Mexican Americans in any fashion. In the movie “Forest Gump” where he saves his platoon in the Vietnam war scene and wins the Congressional Medal of Honor, the highest medal a soldier can achieve, that actually happened but it was a Mexican American hero named Roy Benavidez did all that nearly was left for dead afterwards. The platoon he saved pressed on for Roy to receive that medal and President Reagan finally awarded that honor to Roy. Really doubt Hollywood would make one of Roy’s heroic actions during his service that led to his prestigious award.

  2. rick78 says:

    Very nice write up and video .Thanks ! Despite the togetherness at the end there is still denial of what Dr. Garcia achieved for all GIs and the Mexican American US population. Still see all this today but as I have said in prior posts education is the great race equalizer !

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