Nature center tire wall and Juliettes

There were plenty of volunteers at the Laredo Nature Center at Slaughter Park this morning. The goal? To begin the building of a wall made of tires – recycling used tires while protecting the new community garden.

The two main groups were the Early College High School students and interestingly, a group of Girl Scout Juliettes. Juliettes, I said?? Yes, Juliettes. The group does not belong to a troop or under the rules of the local umbrella. Juliettes are independent girl scouts who focus on activities of interest to them and help the community.

Although not a Laredo description of Juliettes, this San Jacinto website gives a better description. Interesting development of Juliettes in the Laredo area. A thanks to a frequent reader whom I finally had a chance to meet – she leads this group of Juliettes along with another reader. Way to go, women of Laredo!! These girls have been getting experiences in community service they might not get in other ways.

The Laredo Nature area is coming along well. If your group or you are interested in volunteering or donating, contact Keep Laredo Beautiful at

the first level of the tire wall with the community garden inside, Nature Center house in the back

The Juliettes get a tour of the former Slaughter house that will be developed into the Laredo Nature Center.

Volunteers and Early College HS students shape old tires for the wall

Vandalism continues even though volunteers have cleaned up the former Slaughter House. This thrown rock was lodged in the window that was broken by vandals between volunteer visits 😦

Now we know where old signs go - I didn't even know Laredo was an All American City in 1993


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