Kardashian conundrum

Oh no! Did Kourtney really “breaks free” from Scott or did Kourtney and Scott elope? Two media outlets telling contradicting stories. Sound familiar?

Until this afternoon was I still wondering if Madeline Lopez Escoto or Juan Caballero were going to be in the runoff against Rosie Cuellar-Castillo in December for the Municipal Court Judge position. La Sanbe did a nice write-up and I have to say, KeyRose has a point – Laredo Morning Times used the numbers given to them this morning. Uh, they are a print newspaper, they do have deadlines to send things to print so it is very understandable that in such a close race a different person was shown in the lead. It is so close Mr. Caballero might ask for a recount. We will see.

I have to give props to Laredo Morning Times for their live feed online giving out figures the moment they received them. Whoever was at it must not have gotten a lot of sleep but they sure did keep us night owls up to date with the early vote counts. The big question is… why can’t they do that for the Kardashian question? The bigger question is why do I even know who Kourtney Kardashian is?

In my defense, it was a very long line at the Walmart check-out giving me plenty of time to read up 🙂

Good luck to those in the runoff and not in the runoff!!


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3 Responses to Kardashian conundrum

  1. rick78 says:

    The Kardashians are beautiful bimbos just like the ones from Jersey Shore . Those shows should have a disclaimer stating “WARNING WATCHING THIS PROGRAM MIGHT CAUSE BRAIN DAMAGE “.

  2. Mark says:

    I’d bet a small soda that that any of the Kardashians would get more votes than any of the candidates in the runoff–more people would know who the Ks are than the candidates.

    I’ve quit listening to “pro”8 news read the local paper. You know the saying, “read it this morning, listen to it tonight.”

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