Last Chance to Vote

I’ve waited until today, leisurely read the ballot since our local one is so long and now I am ready to go vote!  Oh wait, where am I going?

In Webb County you can click on this pdf pollingsites but if you are anywhere else in the U.S., Google has a neat little application to let you know where to vote – click here.

Actually, that Google app is better at letting you know which one is YOUR polling place.

If you want a reminder of what is in our local ballot, check it out SampleBallots-11022010


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4 Responses to Last Chance to Vote

  1. Fabiola Flores says:

    I voted against several of the charter amendments that sought to consolidate power away from the people. Its subtle, but several changes do do that. One example is Civil Service. There is an ordinance passed by council that had the workers voting to elect several members of the commission, but if the amendment passes only city council can put people on the commission, taking power away from the workers.

    • Que Fregados says:

      So true, like this one that gives the city manager more power:

      The current City Charter, Art. II, §2.16,
      entitled, “City Secretary,” provides in part:
      “The City Council shall appoint and
      evaluate an officer of the City who shall
      have the title of City Secretary…” Shall
      Art II, §2.16 be amended to provide that
      the City Manager shall recommend a City
      Secretary who’s appointment shall be
      confirmed by a majority of the full City
      Council (the affirmative vote of no less
      than five Council Members)?

      And this one:

      Shall Art II, §2.16, entitled, “City
      Secretary,” be further amended to include
      that the City Secretary shall report to and
      be evaluated by the City Manager?

    • Que Fregados says:

      And what’s up with Proposition 22, why wait for another 6 months to recall someone?:

      Shall 11.01 of the Charter be further
      amended to provide: Furthermore, no
      recall petition shall be filed against an
      elected official within six months after
      taking office nor within six months of the
      end of the elected term. A person
      subjected to a recall election and not
      removed may not be subject of another
      recall election for six months.

    • Que Fregados says:

      This is one where you describe for the Civil Service Commission that does not mention any workers voting to elect members to the commission. It only makes sense that a commission composition have input by the workers it represents and not all the “bosses”:

      The Mayor and each member of
      the City Council shall nominate one
      member of the Commission. Each
      nominee must be appointed by a majority
      of a quorum of the City Council, but in no
      event by less than the affirmative vote of
      four Council members.

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