Casa what lake?

Finally, I am back to Laredo!

Wait… huh? I start to leave the airport and what do I spot?
Our family friendly Lake Casa Blanca has been Italianized! When did it get renamed Lake Casa Bianca International State Park?? I was only gone a few days or have these signs always been here and I have just missed them?

For a moment I thought maybe it was my imagination so I decided to turn around and guess what? On the other side it is also Lake Casa Bianca! Well, at least it wasn’t Casa Blanche or Branca or some other language meaning white. Hahahahaha – someone has some typo issues with names around here.

I kept heading to downtown and stopped in for some fast food – I know, I know, my healthy readers, I know how bad this is for me, especially late at night – and through the drive-thru window I spot the signs that employees have to follow.

I would think that a big franchise like Taco Bell (criticize me later because it has been a long week) would know to not single out GIRLS (Uh, they are mostly all over 18, no? They are WOMEN) for instructions. What is up with that? Plenty of men have long hair too that could wind up in my taco supreme.

Let’s not even get into the typo on the other instruction sheet.

I actually was disappointed to come back to Laredo and not because of the above mistakes. All this negative campaigning is getting on my nerves. It just seems like it is attack after attack after attack. I read in the newspaper a letter to the editor that was filled with inaccuracies just to make someone look bad, then I heard about the case of a certain someone who wanted to remove the El Mañana Election Guide because of a certain other someone on the cover but was stopped by legal level heads, and then all the attacks on candidates’ family members that are just uncalled for, and the very mean-spirited videos being made – que bajos – I can’t wait for these elections to be over. I sincerely, sincerely hope that those who win are those that have taken the high road and not nasty politics. What a waste of energy and resources. I don’t have any favorites but I definitely know who I DON’T want to be elected. If they are out for other candidate’s blood, they are also out for the community’s blood too.

Good thing it is almost over.

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Que Fregados is a quirky look at little things that strike us funny in Laredo and the unique Latino culture. Suggestions and comments are welcome. You can also email to
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9 Responses to Casa what lake?

  1. MaryHelen says:

    Glad you’re back! We all missed you! 😉

  2. despeinad@ says:

    Weren’t they going to call the mall on I-35 “Plaza del sole” or something such Spanish/Italian hybrid? Maybe an Italian name makes is sound more classy than just plain old Spanish. ¡Quién sabe!

  3. Chuck Owen says:

    Amazing the lake sign. Must be a new sign. Probably printed in one of our prisons. But proof readers that, and, notably, installers in Laredo missed it.

    I am with you on negative political ads. Well, bad ways do need to be pointed out but I think there are better ways.

  4. stxparrothead says:

    The sign has been like that since I moved here in ’05. Always makes me laugh- I figured they were trying to save space and “L” would take too much room on the sign. Or maybe the sign maker’s wife was named Bianca & he just wanted to give her a shout out 😉 Now THAT would be typical Laredo …

  5. chendito says:

    Only In Laredo hasn’t capitalized on it yet? Surprising.
    @ Despeinada-It’s Piazza del Sol, although it would probably be spelled along the lines of Pizza del o_O

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  7. matthew mc says:

    I like themes about rural tourism and rural places

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