Haunted Heritage visited by Kelly

Que Fregados’ first contributor writes about her visit to the opening of the Haunted Heritage exhibit on October 8th. I so want to go but I am traveling these next few days. Reader Kelly lets us know:

You don’t have to be in Laredo for very long to start hearing about the weird, otherworldly stuff that goes on downtown. Practically every building & residence in that area has a ghost story attached to
it, & the Webb County Heritage Foundation has not only started collecting them all, they’re putting them on display for everyone to see.

This month, the Webb County Heritage Foundation is offering “Haunted Heritage,” a look at the different ghost stories of Laredo, along with displays & presentations by the Laredo Paranormal Research Society & Morbid Mansion Studio, a special effects company started by a young Laredoan. The exhibit is currently being shown at the Villa Antigua Heritage Museum on Zaragoza Street, near La Posada Hotel & San Agustin Cathedral. Last night was the grand opening of the exhibit, & it was well attended. I was concerned that it would be difficult to find parking downtown, but the Museum has a parking lot in the front, and one on the side (in case you miss the first one when you drive by, as I did). Bonus points for available & FREE parking. Extra bonus points for the grand opening being free of charge on top of that! Oh, & did I mention they fed us goodies on top of all this? Am I still in Laredo?

The first floor of the museum is an exhibit of some of pictures & stories collected by the Foundation for the book, which is on sale for $20. While the stories are familiar to anyone who has lived here for any length of time, they also include pictures of the homes & buildings discussed, so it’s nice to put “the face to the name,” in a manner of speaking. Some of the stories do seem a bit “out there,” but I do know for a fact that stories about one of the buildings, the old TRLA office, are true. That place has a weird vibe, to say the least. The only criticism that I would have about this exhibit (& the book) is that there is very little detail & the stories only brush the surface of what may have happened. Hopefully, this can be an on-going project & further history & details can be added in the future.

I’m not all that interested in special effects, but the Morbid Mansion Studios displays are very well-done & I like the fact that the business was started by a young local kid so he could do what he enjoys & make money at it. More power to you & may Morbid Mansion Studios one day be as well known as ILM! In addition to the models of La Llorona & the Chupacabra, Morbid Mansions also offered its own version of face painting—putting special effects make-up on the kids. This was very popular & many kiddos proudly sported FX make-up on their arms & faces.

Upstairs is the dominion of the Laredo Paranormal Research Society, the people I did come to see. Their displays consist of videos, pictures, & audio recordings of various research projects they have conducted for the past 9 years. If you’re a TAPS geek & tivo all the ghost hunting shows out there, you’ve got to check these guys out. Sure it’s fun watching the Ghost Hunters explore places all over the country & the world, but this research is going on in our own back yard. Most of the photos are of orbs & other anomalies that don’t have easy explanations, but the one that stands out is the picture of a child’s ghost taken in a local home. You really have to see this photo to believe it. The majority of the rest of the photos were taken at a building that LPRS can only identify as “an abandoned building in central Laredo,” but I have no such restriction & can tell you they’re from the old Mercy Hospital.

I stayed for the LPRS presentation & was not disappointed. They showed off the equipment they use, some pictures & video that they’ve taken, and audio recordings they’ve made as well. I will caution you on the audio recordings–they present one as its own exhibit for adults only, but gave us a “PG” sample during the presentation. That “PG” sample scared the bejabbers out of me & I was very happy to learn that it was not made in Laredo, but one the LPRS obtained from another group in New York. Then it was on to a new area of research for the group: UFOs & where you can go see some in Laredo (basically, Loop 20 near the new United High School).

All in all, Haunted Heritage is a good exhibit & one I think the Foundation should repeat every year. If possible, they could add ghost walks, too. I’m a sucker for a ghost walk.

Great write-up! As the owner of probably the only non-haunted house downtown, I love listening to other people’s stories. Maybe one of these days we can collect a few from my neighbors. Reader Enrique recently asked if anyone remembered this story:

Enrique – the old showers in the 50`s a child used to be seen alone showering and crying i used to be taken by my teachers from Holding Institute as a group to swim and saw him there. He said his mother was gone and left him there. My teacher called the police and described the boy and he was told a boy recently had drown there. the showers were open no stalls and the doors were half open and you could see from the outside we shower with our bathing suits on. The boy was about 5 orange bathing suit i will never forget him. Maybe was another. By the way we all left to wait for the police and left the boy sitting waiting for us and of course when we came back the boy was gone.

Enrique – does anyone else remember that story? there were several people with me. The teacher probably is dead. Holding Institute around l961 was out trip but the drowning had happened a year or 2 before.


About Que Fregados

Que Fregados is a quirky look at little things that strike us funny in Laredo and the unique Latino culture. Suggestions and comments are welcome. You can also email to quefregados@gmail.com.
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36 Responses to Haunted Heritage visited by Kelly

  1. James E. Jones says:

    Anybody that has taken a photography class, or has played with a camera long enough can tell you that the Laredo “Paranormal” Society’s pictures were all complete bull. Dust in the air and reflections were excusable, as may have claimed these to be ghosts, however I lost respect for them when they manipulated some of the pictures using long exposures and people as “ghosts”, especially in the picture of the young boy, who happened to work in the Asylum last year and is quite alive. Morbid Mansion Studios was perhaps the only legit and respectable exhibit.

    • James E. Jones says:

      Oh yes, I forgot how atrocious LPS’s manners were. When Morbid Mansion Studios was supposed to do his scheduled presentation, LPS decided to play their video in full blast… The Poor representative for Morbid Mansion Studios had to not only deal with a messed up microphone, but he had to speak over a video of fake evidence as well.

      • I love Laredo says:

        I guess FREE.99 was not enough for you, Mr. Jones. Perhaps next time you should be the one providing free food and entertainment.

  2. Juan Lopez says:

    Replying back to Mr. Jones:

    We had a very different experience vs what Mr Jones just posted. My family and I loved the presentation that LPRS was presenting. LPRS was very clear and explained that their evidence might be paranormal or could be explained. LPRS wanted the opinion of the public eye and their field experience. Mr. Cuellar from LPRS was very polite and very patient answering everyones questions. The Only think I can say is LPRS should present their presentation in a bigger area. My family and I saw the whole LPRS event, and never witness to see any atrocious behavior to the public.

    J. LOPEZ

  3. Lisa Gallegos says:


    I also disagree with Mr. Jones, LPRS presentation was oustanding! LPRS was very opened to any questions that the public was asking. In addition LPRS did not mention at all that their evidence were real ghost or spirits, but possible paranormal activity. In a good note, I Loved they video clip of a door opening during their investigation.
    I highly recommend everyone see LPRS upcoming events.

  4. kbinldo says:

    I’m keeping an open mind about LPRS. I doubt they purposefully drowned out the other demonstration (after all, you did state that he was having problems with the sound system provided. These things do happen). I think, perhaps, the museum had a bigger turnout than they were anticipating, which necessitated to use of the sound systems; otherwise, why schedule 2 demonstrations at the same time in such an open space? Ah well, live & learn for next year! I stand by my recommendation of Haunted Heritage as a whole. The cost is $5, but it is free on Tuesdays, in addition to the free parking.

    • James E. Jones says:

      They didn’t schedule two exhibits at the same time… LPRS just decided to play their video at the same time as the presentation. The fact of the matter is LPRS shouldn’t even have claimed that their pictures “may” be paranormal because they knew very well that they weren’t. Taking a picture and claiming an error as paranormal is one thing, but if the majority of your pictures consist of green light and conincidentally there is a green lazer light near your equipment, you are downright manipulating the pictures, which is simply wrong. You cannot claim to be a Paranormal Research Society and just fake out everyone just to make a name for yourselves. Now people will call LPRS when they feel they need their services but what will they get? More manipulated pictures!

      • ( N.Y.P.R.S. ) says:

        Mr. Jones,

        Why hate? and why criticize LPRS, if you don’t know them at all. Its seems that you easily judge people wrong. Let me ask you a question. Why you didn’t ask or recommend your opinion to LPRS…..? But instead you bash with hate against them. Even if LPRS presented the best ever paranormal evidence. It is still hard to prove it real or not to anyone. The best practice for anyone who loves to investigate paranormal. It is to get your own equipment and investigate until you believe you have captured good evidence. And then even at that, people will still question your integrity. I have investigated paranormal activity for 26 years, and I can easily tell you that LPRS pictures are not manipulated. It seems you have very little experience in the paranormal research, if not non-experience at all. I encourage you to visit this websites:



        The website (http://www.homebrew.net/anomalies/) has an excellent power point presentation that will teach you the proper steps of this type of research. Give your self time to practice and research, research and research until you believe you have captured something good. And then present your evidence to the publics opinion. believe me you will have so many possible explanations or question of manipulation. But at least you know the truth of your evidence is real and no one can take that away.


        • James E. Jones says:

          It’s amazing how you tell me to research, yet you give me links to sites that tell me little to nothing. “Research” is done using solid concrete evidence, not sites created by average Joes such as LPRS and most likely yourself. Did you even read the first site you gave me? It HELPS disprove most of the “evidence” given by LPRS. And I do know some of the members… coincidentally one of the members was also a part of the Asylum last year which wasn’t in any way haunted and he had no affiliation with any Paranormal Research Society. If they found more ghosts in one year than most other professionals find in their entire career, then we have a ghost whisperer! Did you know his son bears an uncanny resemblance to the little boy in the picture? Ignorance is bliss, however don’t try to take me for a fool. Dust specks, long exposures, and laser lights won’t fool everyone, only the ignorant. You believe what you want to believe… however I’ll stick to the facts.

  5. Teto says:

    I think Mr. Jones is being inconsiderate himself in the criticism of LPRS and he is brining down the Heritage Foundation by posting such immature comments because it sounds more like a personal attack rather than constructive criticism. Personally, I enjoyed both presentations and thought that the presenters did a very courageous job given that they are both trying to explain things that are not generally accepted by the public and often met with skepticism. What they both did took a lot of guts and to be “anonymously” unfairly criticized on a public forum is childish and unfair to both the presenters and the Heritage Foundation who are both just trying to present something interesting to the City of Laredo. It is my sincere hope that the public at large does not get discouraged by the comments of one critical person and that the attendance of the following presentations are not affected. That would be very unfair for the Heritage Foundation who are just trying to do something different for the people of Laredo.

  6. The Mentalist says:

    Mr. Jones after reading all of the comments and responses it seems to me that you are the only one that seen the presentation conducted by Morbid Mansion Studios. So you must have felt sorry for Mr. Castro that they haven’t been talked about in these blogs or maybe that is because the presentation was kind of lame so one was interested in presentation but every one has their own opinion. Here is my opinion; people want to believe what they want to believe in and in these economic times and despair people need something to turn too to take the minds off their own life for a while and if its looking at little green men made up of latex or blurbs on a picture well so be it. Mr. Jones I’m a man from many places and seen many things good and bad and all I have to tell you is that you are pretty closed minded and problably sniffed too much glue when working on your little green men. LPRS has been around for 9 years and have conducted themsevles very professional during their presentation and the group seemed to be very knowledgeable in what they do but again its up to the people to make up their own minds for reality or fake. You also mentioned that LPRS took over your I’m sorry Mr. Jones I meant Mr. Castro’s presentation we both know that this is not true since you were I meant again Mr. Castro was scheduled from 6pm-7:30 and LPRS were scheduled to start at 7:30pm so I believe that there should have been no conflicts of presentations from start to the end. Also you mentioned that you oh man did it again I meant Mr. Castro had mike problems; a word to the wise a good presentor always checks their equipment before going on stage or speaking infront of an audience so I think that is Mr. Castro’s fault not the museum or LPRS. Over all I’m not a real believer of ghosts and aliens but I do know that there are conditions that can not be explianed so again we leave it up to our own minds to make a decision.

  7. carol fuentes says:

    I was amazed by the guy who was given the presentation in the 2nd floor, he was very polite to kids and really, he did everything in his power to answer all of my questions and, to anyone who was there that day. I am an Attorney at Law here in Laredo, Tx and I am proud to say that I love my work, and I love what I do, But EFFORT makes a big equation in this matter, EFFORT is what took Ismael Cuellar and his crew to do what it takes to pull through this presentation, I had a talk with MR. Cuellar before his presentation that day and he said to me “We been under the radar for about 9 years and, that this was there first time to do a presentation.” really it was a unique and amazing and intresting day for me , this man and his crew knew there way around, I was very proud for this crew (L.P.R.S) and i will attend his other presentation on the 22 and 29 I give two thumbs up on behalf of myself and my family which they enjoyed very much. On the other hand, I was reading the comments left by this guy JONES or maybe he’s a she, I dont know, if I had to say something to this guy it would read like this, JAMES E. JONES before you talk you need to walk the walk…..GET YOUR FEET WET FIRST!!!!!!

  8. Sandy Cuevas says:

    “Ignorant”………..? Ignorance is criticism without purpose in my opinion. How is the “Ignorant” public supposed to get the word out about something that they may have found interesting about the shows if they are being labeled as “Ignorant” . I agree with the previous post which suggests that the comments may be “Personal”, and I also hope that people of Laredo are not discouraged by the comments of one unhappy person. Myself and my family enjoyed the presentations, and my kids especially enjoyed the display models. I hope that the Webb County Heritage Foundation does not buy into the comments of one person so that the public does not miss out on this event that they are bringing to us. I feel that this event has the potential to grow bigger year after year. Family events like this are important because Laredo is not just about night clubs. Laredo needs events like these to get family momentum going in the right direction. “BRAVO!”, to the Heritage Foundation and to all of the people who had the “GUTS” to take time from their own lives to present.

  9. Que Fregados says:

    Wow, I leave for a few days and comments start to go a little crazy. I approve first time posters from my phone so I didn’t get a chance to read all the comments until now. Everyone is entitled to their opinion – including ME. I hope to catch the other times they present to make up my own mind.

    A big thank you to our guest poster who did a great job in her write up!

  10. Pablo Estrada says:

    I really don’t believe in ghost, I am 45 years old, Iived in Laredo all my life , I have never encountered a ghost or anything that’s paranormal or believed in urban legends. On October 8, 2010 I was delighted about the legends that the Haunted Heritage in Laredo, Texas had to show for the public, I was stunted with the people that work at the Heritage they were very informant about the legends that have happened here in Laredo, I cant believe the amazing stories they have; Good Job on the Urban Legends very interesting, then I went by the stairs, just as you go up like in a corner, there was a man like early 20’s couldn’t get his name, but I asked him about the location of the Paranormal Group ” I said where is it taking place” no response what so ever “RUDE” I guess, but talked very bad about (L.P.R.S) and I asked him “aren’t you in the same boat” he told me that L.P.R.S were free loaders that they are here to BS people, well that was the end of my conversation with that guy Thank God!!! as I approached the second stairway which I call “THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN” a phenomenal adventure was awaiting for me upstairs of the museum, the room would just stand out for itself, is it if; the people were just coming to the museum for the interest in the ghostly pictures that L.P.R.S had to offer “I saw this from the second floor kids yelling to there parents!!!LETS GO UPSTAIRS!!!” and questions left and right, I went back down stairs to have some of the wine they were offering ‘Good wine by the way’ I stood a while by the Chupacabras aisle, by this time I had already had the name of the man in charged of the paranormal Group, I never even had a chance to ask this man myself a good question that I had in mind, but ill get him next time if I ever get a chance!! Good job to the Haunted Heritage amazing stuff and to L.P.R.S spectacular pictures and a, Very Detail, Step by Step Presentation, To the person who I never got his name Mr. Rude Guy “I guess” nice demonstration with the make-up on the kids, but a person like you needs to come out of the closet and leave that profession for the real guys, its not for you, maybe if you apply for Cover-Girl that might suit you up a little bit more.

  11. Michael C. Astro says:

    To Mr. Jones,
    It seems Mr. Castro had a poor outcome with his make-up exhibit. Maybe Mr. Castro want to consider working at the H-E-B Cosmetic Department…”Here Everything is Cheaper” or for Wal-Mart …”maybe you can do more” respectively speaking. For the L.P.R.S., your investigations are phenomenal. I’m looking forward on your next exhibit (LPRS) and maybe this time I can get to meet that Handsome guy with the nametag Manuel Ramirez ;)….And for Mr. Jones, maybe you can help me dress up as H-E-Buddy for Halloweeen!…zzzZZZZAAAAA!

    • Poor? “Mr. Castro,” quite the opposite 🙂 it rocked and I’m booked with customers for the rest of October. Thanks for the advice, but i doubt HEB would appreciate the blood and Monster Masks I make 🙂 and I don’t know about Mr. Jones, but If you REALLY wanted that HEBuddy costume….

  12. Mique Khas Troh says:

    To Darth Vader, you need to accept that the work of the LPRS is astonishing and impressive. Maybe you need some cheese with that wine 😦

  13. wow…

    Hey folks, this is the real Mike Castro of Morbid Mansion Studios. I came by to check out the review from the opening and Good Lord when the Hell did I become a bad guy?

    I have absolutely NOTHING against the LPRS, In fact, i did some of their FX Makeup when they were working with me in the Asylum Haunted House 🙂 His son was the original Ratboy, I remember him ’cause we are both Iron Maiden Fans 🙂

    And for the comments on my work, to each their own, but I’m totally booked for the least 2 weeks of October from customers of all ages because…I suck? Not to mention that I have my work spread across the valley AND Producing an entire Independent Zombie Film.

    Come out of the closet? This Job is not for me? Wow… I’m sure Dick Smith or the Splatter King (Who gave me some pointers) Tom Savini would disagree…strongly. And by the way, If you really got a chance to check me out instead of assuming of how much of a jealous ass I am you’d know I have a wonderful girlfriend of going to be 11 months now 🙂

    I had an excellent time at the HH Exhibits, and i cant wait to go back tomorrow. I couldn’t see LPRS exhibit because I was booked by an army of kids at my table, So I really cant say anything about their work really but I’m figuring it was good by all the comments, except Mr. Jones.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if Mr. Jones opinion sucks, but Christ, y’all were so quick to assume it was me? based on what?

    As for the sound equipment, it’s property of the Laredo Heritage Museum, not mine. It was a last minute idea that quickly backfired… sucks though.

    I’m a faithful Que Fregados fan ever since they wrote an article about me back in the summer, and i cant say i agree with Mr. Blind Sandlot Guy’s opinions he did get one thing right: ignorance. Y’all assume too easy, wheres the open thinkers that apparently prowl this blog??? I don’t see em. The Mentalist, Pablo Estrada, and my personal doppleganger Michael C. Astro. Seriously? Y’all trying to prove you’re better than Darth Vader here??? HOW?

    (By the way Mique Khas Troh sounds like something out of Star Trek)

    Just that y’all know its me, I’ll be displaying a video of my works along with my “child” Robbi the Zombi. I’ll be handin out some goodies for the kiddos tomorrow (hopefully we get more visitors tomorrow!) I’ll be promoting my Independent film (Hopefully my Zombie flyers will be done by tomorrow) and as always doing free FX for everyone. 🙂 don’t be shy folks and come on over! The Haunted Heritage is just getting started!

    AND if you all REALLY want to get to know me, theres a contact button on the front page of my website, hit me up! You can REALLY hear from me and you can send your little anonymous opinions strait to me. Even you Mr. Jones.

    One last thing….. Glue??? Sorry buddy, alitttttle off there. 🙂

  14. James E. Jones says:

    Homophobic comments now? And I am the immature one? For the record, I am not Mr. Castro, and he did in fact have people watching his exhibit besides myself. I did in fact go to the Haunted Heritage mainly to see his exhibit as I read about him in LareDOS, and being a TAMIU Alumni as well I decided to support a fellow entrepreneur. I had to leave early to watch the long awaited Laredo Bucks Hockey game. And what’s this? 3 comments on the same day with the same allegations? Why don’t you just post under one name since it is obvious you are just one person (perhaps Mr. Ramirez as you seem to have hinted). Also I don’t recall there being much about a Chupacabra besides a poster with information…however that may have been added after I left.

    Perhaps I may have been a bit overly critical of the context of LPRS’s presentation. I admit I wasn’t in the best mood when I posted since I didn’t necessarily have the opportunity to view the actual exhibit I visited the Museum to see (being the Special Effects one) because in the time I was there, the presenter was having issues having to talk over LPRS. Out of curiosity I went upstairs to see what all the ruckus was and that is when I noticed their pictures. I can understand how others may find life more exciting when you believe in the paranormal, but I did not appreciate being lied to up-front about manipulated pictures. I would argue more, however when homophobic claims are being thrown around about individuals that are not a part of this argument I draw the line. I apologize for being rude, and I shall state again that I am not Mr. Castro nor in any way affiliated with his group.

  15. Que Fregados says:

    Enough already!

    Que Fregados supports Morbid Mansion, LPRS, the Haunted Heritage exhibit and hopes that you do too. Move on.

  16. /b/ is on Que Fregados? Son of a Bitch…

  17. I LOVE LAREDO! ! ! ! says:

    Life is to short to be fighting,


    HAPPY HAUNTINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. The Mentalist says:

    Wow! I do have to say it’s nice to see everyone starting to get along; the only thing I will say are the following words: THINK, COLLECT, CREATE, CORRECT AND CONNECT. Everyone have a wonderful day and see you all soon at the displays and presentations.

  19. th real manuel ramirez says:

    i am the real manuel ramirez and i am the owner and the guy who took the picture of the ghost girl in my parents home(the picture where my james e. jones says its the boy from the haunted asylum i will be at the presentation on friday october 22 if this guy wants to ask me anything about the authenticity of this picture or what he calls a HOAX

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  21. el rudster says:


  22. שיפור בגרויות says:

    big like! – thanks .

  23. Wendolyn says:

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  24. tarot says:

    Like it … very well pointed!

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