Sufragio = Suffrage

Carlos Guerra asked us to share this little ditty about voting. I know that before the deadline, all the smart readers of this blog already registered to vote, right? right!

This was the message on the owner’s YouTube channel and he states that these are his uncle’s words that are on the CD:

Ya Basta Video
From: lendo1973 | August 24, 2010

Este es una canción que hizo mi tio sobre el sufragio y la responsabilidad de nosotros mismos para controlar el gobierno y no sea controlado por el gobierno. El próximo mensaje es de él y esta imprimida en la cubierta del CD:

We, the Latinos, Hispanics, Spanish speakers, Americans of Mexican descent, or whatever they want to call us have the potential to make a decisive impact in the upcoming election. The only way we can do that is to VOTE!

As citizens and defenders of this great nation we have among us the power to make the politicos listen to our needs. The only way to manifest this “poder” is to VOTE. There is enough in this cornucopia for all of us to share. Why should medication be so expensive? Why should big money govern our lives? It is important for us and future generations that we ensure a secure, tranquil, and solvent nation. Vocalize your VOTE! Why should we be afraid to speak our mind? We have the intelligence, the work ethic, and the numbers to make a difference. It is with these thoughts that this song was written.
Gracias to Toby Torres for his time and effort in recording this song in his Grammy Award-winning studio.

In addition to their assent and encouragement, J. J. Barrera on tololoche and Nicolas Valdez on acordeón put the finishing touchs to this endeavor. Gracias to the “Taco Haven Breakfast Club” for their input. But most of all, gracias to all the folks who go out to vote after hearing this message.
As composer, bajista, and vocalist, my soul desire is to motivate “Mi Gente” to VOTE. ¡Solo de esa manera, las cosas van a cambiar!

“God Bless America”!


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