Forum for District 6

For those living on the North side of town, don’t forget to check out the forum for the candidates running for city council, district 6. Those Rotarians gone and did it again – rounding up those running to give you, the voter, a better idea of who might be your best bet. The candidates are below in alphabetical order by last name (before I get mail telling me I am biased for not including Mr. Martinez’ and Mr. San Miguel’s websites, I couldn’t find them online. If you have the link, I would be happy to replace it).

Manuel Arechiga
Emilio Martinez
B Javier “Cuate” Mendoza
Orlando Navarro
Charlie San Miguel
Fred Santos

I was hoping to videotape this hotly contested, candidate filled forum but… 1) The rules say no videotaping & 2) I have a prior commitment with another Rotary Club. Maybe Rotary Clubs should talk to each other a little more often and coordinate events? Oh well.

If you don’t know if you actually live in District 6, this is the boundary map.


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4 Responses to Forum for District 6

  1. Ed says:

    I think Charlie’s is

    Give it a try. Let me know if I’m right. If not, I’ll try to get it for you.

  2. ChuckO says:

    Now that is good information to know. We need to know more about our candidates. As for Rotary coordinating, it would be a good thing if all organizations did a little coordination. I propose Laredo have an event ombudsman so that folks who want to ensure better attendance/participation can coordinate and better ensure no other like event is happening at the same time. As a Rotarian, I am not sure that city Clubs will ever do that; it is kinda like churches – independent.

  3. Traficfoxs says:

    Hello there đŸ˜€

  4. Diego says:

    Hi all, I’m glad that I went to this forum

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