And, they’re off…

The forum for the mayoral candidates has started. My photo belies the number of people here. I just sat on the unpopular side. Although… It’s mostly students!

UPDATE: The questions were good, the answers were so-so. There was no clear “winner” but some entertaining moments. I really wish one of the questions asked would have been about the downtown plans and that the question about the importance of a bookstore would have been answered with the importance of LITERACY and not about attracting business or building bigger libraries. And NONE of the candidates, even the ones that were “helping” start a new books bookstore even knew that Laredo Books & More was soft-opened last week & has been filling orders for a while now. Boo!

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5 Responses to And, they’re off…

  1. stxparrothead says:

    Meant to go, but real life 9ie kiddos) had other plans for me this evening. Did they really have much to say or just the typical schmoozing, back patting Laredo politics?

    • Que Fregados says:

      Well, some were somewhat prepared and others NOT AT ALL. As my friend just said “None of them shined”. I don’t want to say on this forum because I would prefer for people to make up their own minds. The questions were very good but the candidates did not have enough time in the 45 seconds allotted (1st person always had 60 seconds). I think that once they debate on TV, you will see what I mean. The forum did clarify some things for me, like who I am NOT going to vote for.

  2. Que Fregados says:

    Well, I took the time, Steve. I understand your point and know that right now, they gloss over everything.

    I’ll give you a good example. When the only bookstore was scheduled to be shut down, it became a huge media story. The politicians only commented on it and even today at the forum they were asked about the bookstore, and all answered the standard “literacy is important” and how they would attract a bookstore. If it had not been a media darling story, it would have been completely ignored.

    You are better off talking to the Laredo Development Foundation guys although they focus more on big companies, they do consider the economic impact of developing some areas in a particular way. I know Eric chatted a bit with them. Unfortunately, we do have some pretty self-absorbed candidates even the more humble of the candidates have an agenda and pet projects. In all fairness, they are also extremely busy but I would have thought the more business oriented guy would give you guys a better solution to incorporating your business into something larger and more permanent??

    • Great news from Mayor Salinas… the paddle trail resolution is on the city council agenda for Monday! Mayor Salinas said we would get this done and now Laredo is on its way to creating the first Texas State Parks & Wildlife Paddling Trail on the Rio Grande.

      • Que Fregados says:

        That’s GREAT! I am not a fan of the mayor but if the city manager & city council will act on the issue on Monday, maybe Laredo is on its way to turning around how we view the river! I saw it on the agenda under Councilwoman Cindy Liendo’s issues to bring up.

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