No borrachos at el Grito de Dolores festivities

As of 2:00am today, no drinking is allowed in all 43 counties (municipios) of the Mexican State of Tamaulipas as reported by El Mañana newspaper. Nuevo Laredo is included. The Ley Seca (dry law) will extend for just the day to avoid major problems when alcohol is abused during holidays.

Most of Laredo knows that today both sides of Laredo (well, more the Mexican Consulate on this side) are gearing up for the big 2-0-0 bicentennial celebration of the Mexican Independence. Unbelievably, I remember the USA bicentennial in all of its red, white and blue glory for the entire year. My brother and I hoarded every bicentennial edition quarter we could find – since we were so little, don’t ask where any of those quarters are, we probably broke down and bought candy or something.

Mexico has had its own celebrations going on but this year – NO ALCOHOL!

Bordertown Blues talks about the festivities happening in town. I also saw invitations from Limasol celebrating today, Wet Lounge, the Ebar tomorrow and the Revo Bar on Friday. I don’t go to any of these clubs because I follow ley casi seca in my life – ha! Normally I go check out the grito celebration at St. Agustin plaza. The Mexican Consulate will proclaim and do the grito a bit early and then runs over to the Mexican side to accompany the Nuevo Laredo mayor in other ceremonies.

In other parts of the U.S., Mexicans and those of Mexican descent did quite a bit of parading and celebrating. My creatively tacky, gawdy family rode in the family restored VW bus in their local parade.

I’m sure it is back to its normal VW self but we in Laredo are just about to get started celebrating – with no alcohol, of course, unless you are going to one of the above bars :).


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