Nature vs LCC

So where can I go check out the Laredo Community College (LCC) student art show?? Where, oh where?

Are you asking why I am asking?

Apparently the Art Gallery received a wallop of a smack from the sky. Lightening struck this past weekend and destroyed part of the roof and unfortunately the gallery was hosting the student art show at the time so… art pieces are still missing. Maybe the show had some heavy metal jewelry displayed in just the right configuration to attract the electricity???

Who knows – if only TAMIU were as generous with their new building as this Christian Church (who opened their doors to their Muslim brothers and sisters while their mosque was finished – wish all of us were more compassionate), the student show could go on.

I hear from my friend whose piece is missing that the art show will be moved to the Yeary Library at LCC. I also hear from my trustee friend that it was one of the buildings slated for renovation – back to its former glory and set up to be one of the sites for a possible future historic walking tour. I can’t wait to see some of these beautiful historic buildings given some TLC – maybe even an LCC ghost walk, hahaha… ok, that is only my taste.


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7 Responses to Nature vs LCC

  1. MaryHelen says:

    I second the motion for a ghost walk!!!

  2. Tony says:

    It’s pretty ignorant to say TAMIU isn’t generous. A church and a mosque are similar internally, however an art gallery and the USC are totally different. The bookstore as well as several offices are in the USC and may not be able to afford the extra people roaming around from LCC, especially when this is the time of the semester when students are antsy about their financial aid.

    • Que Fregados says:

      Actually, it is not ignorant but just a comment about what could happen when entities work together. I well know what goes into the construction of university buildings. They work on plenty of other projects together. It was my only way of including TAMIU’s new building without writing a whole post about it. And it was a chance to link to the Bridge newspaper because it doesn’t get a lot of press outside the campus. I guess I could have just ignored it.

      • Tony says:

        Makes sense. So next time I see another blogger taking initiative, I’ll comment on how some other bloggers should be as active as them just to give them publicity. Because, as you know, bad publicity is better than no publicity, right?

  3. chrome says:

    im feeling it

  4. je says:

    Can you speculate as to why this event went without notice in the LMT? I didnt even know about it until I received a press release forwarded from Austin. We dont have cable out in the boondocks, and dont always catch the channel 8 news, so depend upon multiple news sources to know what’s going on in the metroplex.

    • Que Fregados says:

      There was a press release that came via Austin? Wow.

      My only guess is that most news isn’t “news” unless it is fed by a press release or media advisory. That is a guess. I would imagine LCC sees it as a non-news item since usually what comes out is the good & happy news of activities and for some reason it was not caught on the fire department/police info, maybe?

      My blog is mainly about things I see or encounter or participate in, I don’t solely dependent on releases or advisories. And because I have many friends tied to higher ed because of my many years as an administrator (that was actually for Tony’s benefit, I really am not that ignorant – well, a little bit), I guess I picked up on what people were talking about and LMT, Pro8News, Univision, etc. didn’t. It was the same thing with the Autmus lawsuit, the National Geographic filming and a few other tidbits that I catch because I participate in the community and not just report on it. That is just a guess. Maybe it did cross their desks and they just set it aside as non-news. Who knows.

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