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Did all UISD teachers get today’s memo on classroom trash cans? In order for the district to cut expenses in their “environmental” department, it seems all teachers must have only ONE trash can per classroom. Let’s call Willy Bote to the rescue!

This was an interesting post from TSTA/NEA’s facebook page. I don’t see the connection and how the district is saving money, unless they are talking about supplying new trash cans??? No comment from me but if you have a comment – feel free :).


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14 Responses to UISD trash

  1. MaryHelen says:

    Having just come from helping my daughter set up her classroom (UISD), I’m not surprised to find out that just about every teacher has put some of their own hard-earned bucks into their individual classrooms — including trashcans. :o/

  2. Anonymous says:

    are you serious…they should of thought about that when they bought that high tech score board for the SAC… ONE trash can… whats next? are they going to limit the children to restroom flushes, water breaks, and hand washing…they already limited us parents on parking (we get to park on the street) because the administration and teachers get ALL the front parking and the other parking is closed(thats how it is at my children’s school) why make that extra parking if no one can use it…talk about wasting our tax payer monies…

  3. Anonymous - Smarty says:

    As far as I know…every class is furnished with a trash can. If the staff move things around well that’s their doing. Perhaps you might want to look up on the spending…what is bought and where it goes. You are aware UISD has that report for publics views right?

    Parking…seriously? People are mad that schools don’t just let anyone parking in their parkings? So I guess they don’t appreciate that schools are trying to limit the count of strangers that park and walk in schools…. Always see the other side people, don’t just complain.

    • Que Fregados says:

      Don’t worry so much about the complaining. It’s human nature. You do have to admit that the above observation from the union is a little funny – as in weird. Every decision made usually has a rationale behind it.

      But I do have to say that I agree with Mary Helen. Quite a bit of teacher monies go to their classroom. It’s a different issue but one to look at.

      The other one that actually does bug me are the endless school supply drives that don’t have an effective distribution process & lots of duplication. Nonprofits & others who organize these events can do better with coordinating with the district & having class supplies instead of take home supplies. Again – another issue.

  4. Anonymous - Smarty says:

    actually, every school and every department are given an allot of monies to spend for that school year depending on how much is collected by tax payers and grants given for specific projects. Every teacher is given a set amount, plus extra IF a bond is approved. If schools bonds keep getting rejecting by the district tax payers this is what happens. I know what I’m talking about. Trust me.

    • Que Fregados says:

      I understand what you mean & I know the system but no one should trust “anonymous”, ever.

    • all4tchrs says:

      Well, it is hard to trust when u r living a different story, dear Smarty! Yes, we r given monies (100 dollars per year) ONLY if we spend it with authorized vendors which, surprise-surprise, r the most expensive ones. About the extra… not here, not in 12 years! So, the cuts r being placed in a wrong manner. Just for info, each teacher spends about 150 dollars a month just in materials for students. Seriously, this is the only job in which u have to pay in order to receive a salary.

  5. macast says:

    This was done in our little school since last year. All of a sudden, one of our two trash cans was missing in every classroom and we were later told that it was due to economic issues.
    Less work (meaning time consuming) for the part-time janitor and less trash bags per day. Throw away all your trash in your one and only trash can. Those were the instructions. Everybody survived!

  6. texasartist says:

    long time ago…teachers would clean heir classroom, throw their own trash …that would save $$

    • all4tchrs says:

      Rest at peace! We still do it, and we even buy sanitizers, cleaning devices, and materials for students whose parents can’t. And, yes, it would save money… to the district…

  7. Anonymous - Smarty says:

    texasartist, Very well said! 🙂

  8. Poncho1950 says:

    School districts and other large organizations can realize worthwhile savings through small economies — such as the one trash can per class idea — because they are so very large that nickels, dimes and quarters saved every day in one classroom turn into hundreds or thousands of dollars when multiplied by the number of classrooms and number of days in the school year. If the district is ‘penny wise …’ throughout its operations, those savings add up to sizeable sums. Of course, one person’s necessary expenditure is another’s extravagance, i.e. ‘… pound foolish,’ to complete the aphorism.

  9. AHS Student says:

    On a similar note, UISD, unlike many school districts outside of Laredo, doesn’t have a recycling program. If it’s an effort to save money, the cash made with recycled metals would actually HELP with the $ cuts. And if those confiscated trash cans were just relabeled for metals only, the problem would be solved.
    Then again…it might just be too much of a change for some of our more rebellious students.

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