International Literacy Day

Mary Benavides, Valerie Rivera-Soto, Maria Soliz and Susana Samos-Cornelius

Today is International Literacy Day!! Since you are reading this, I assume you are literate – and smart by the look of most of your comments!

To commemorate the day, the Rotary Club of Laredo Under Seven Flags donated stacks of books in honor of the informative speakers that presented this past year. The books are selected by the library so there is no duplication and it gives the balance they seek for the library shelves. Good for them! I still think we have too much ineffectual donations that often go to waste and at least these books will be used.

Little Susana happened to be at the library and enjoyed reading “Night at the Museum”.

Donating books doesn’t mean they will be read – but at least they are available. It is now our job to encourage our kids, neighbor kids, and other kids we come in contact with to read. Better yet, open up a book yourself – apaguen la tele y no sean flojos (turn off the tv and don’t be lazy)! Even better – volunteer with Literacy Volunteers of Laredo, they always need trained, dedicated volunteers.

Years ago I used to volunteer with Literacy Volunteers of America with a one-to-one tutoring opportunity. My student did not know how to read, write, he did not even recognize the alphabet. I may not have taught him to read but in one semester he at least knew the alphabet in Spanish and English and could write some very basic words – YAY for him!!! Another tutor took over where I left off when I moved but at least a small door was opened with a little bit of my spare time. Not only did he learn but so did I :).

Volunteer in literacy programs and you help more than one person, you help a community.


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2 Responses to International Literacy Day

  1. Poncho1950 says:

    Amen on making a little difference; they add up!

  2. avg says:

    duuuuuuude, wassssssup

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