Laredo Development Foundation support cut… hijole

I’m sure most of you know we have a new Laredo Morning Times Business Journal Editor, Sean Bowlin. We said our farewells to Joe Rutland who moved to Austin (luckily he still keeps in contact, he is a very nice man) and now we welcome Mr. Bowlin. His column & story today talked about the Laredo Development Foundation budget cut.

The Laredo Development Foundation had a very packed “Business without Borders” event this month where a lot of Mexican businessmen attended. Some of these businessmen didn’t mince their words: They were blunt when they said they were looking into coming to Laredo because of the violence in Mexico.

He is learning quickly that sometimes our city council does not make the wisest of decisions. Now, I am not the biggest supporter of big business but as a citizen of this fair city of ours, I do recognize how important the Laredo Development Foundation seed planting is to sustain the growth of Laredo.

Mr. Bowlin comments:

But, check this out, what is really disheartening is when a majority of Laredo City Council members vote against the LDF by cutting its budget 15 percent. The LDF is a contracted outfit charged with bringing permanent businesses — companies that relocate — to Laredo. It’s the arm that advertises, magnetizes and sells Laredo as a business location to companies that will come here and contribute to the local tax base.

And what the council did in its recent vote, in tough economic times, was weaken the force that sells the city and contributes to its tax base. In tough times, you have to sell
more and sell smarter.

I think that vote will be regretted.

Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone will realize if this decision is regretted or not – life will just go on at a slightly slower business pace. In a time where opportunities abound for communities that are progressive, the Laredo Development Foundation’s pace was just slowed down.


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One Response to Laredo Development Foundation support cut… hijole

  1. MaryHelen says:

    I used to work at Laredo Chamber of Commerce back in the 80’s and met many stalwart business owners that deeply believed and invested in the Laredo Development Foundation. It was no accident that the business and industry sector was booming, mainly due to LDF’s hard work. I’m saddened that the City Council has diminished the power of LDF during a time when we need it the most.

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