Laredos Riofest? not for this year posted pictures of Los Dos Laredos park today. I pass by from a distance every once in a while (the entrance was still restricted for vehicle traffic the last time I went) and can see the missing rails and trees pulled up from their roots. How sad.

When I heard from the Graphitiks owner that this year’s Laredos Riofest would be postponed, I was saddened. For being a freshman festival, it was great first year. Of course it had its beginning first-time struggles but overall it brought in people from different countries and was very, very fun. I was already imagining it becoming bigger and better and the baddest of all river festivals along the border (idealist). My other friend who had already made contacts and arrangements for many people planning to come from out-of-state (and country) is now working on the cancellation notifications and trying to smooth things over so that the next year sees repeat participants.

I know the city of Laredo still has major clean-up to do in all the public areas that were affected by the flood of 2010; but I hope that also gives a chance to make the Los Dos Laredos park an even better place to visit whether there is a festival taking place or not. I have fond memories of kite-flying in that park with my little brother and I am ready to make new memories with a new and improved park.

As for the Riofest – the extra year will hopefully serve to make the 2011 Laredos Riofest the best yet.

from the website of Laredo Riofest created by Graphitiks


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2 Responses to Laredos Riofest? not for this year

  1. stxparrothead says:

    Hmmm… Would KLB think about organizing a community clean-up for the park? If El Cenizo can do it, why not Laredo? I know some people who would love to help out 🙂

    • Que Fregados says:

      There were problems with safety and still mushy ground. Because the water stood much longer, it was not like El Cenizo’s problems. I’ll ask KLB if they had plans but I know their plate is so so so full. I went to the KLB community garden meeting – you will be hearing more about this soon 🙂

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