Accurate art

Gil Rochas work on Matamoros

This latest billboard work has been out for a while and it is just so appropriate for Laredo after flooding and violence across. I had wanted to post this one when the artists first put it up but I got caught up with other things. I really admire his/their creative expression of collective community emotions.

It came to mind today when I was talking to a friend about trompe l’oeil murals in the downtown area. My friends and I have many ideas, a lot of energy but not enough time and definitely not enough moola.

For now, I will admire other artists’ mural work and maybe one of these days I can help get one up in one of the abandoned warehouses downtown.


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5 Responses to Accurate art

  1. MaryHelen says:

    What a great outlet for this artist to flex his point of view and provide a chuckle or prayer or both!

    Gil Rocha just finished a mural at the Autistic Children Rehab Center on the south loop. It’s amazing!! You know, however, that outdoor murals will get vandalized. :o(

    P.S. I just finished my own amateur mural for my daughter’s 7th Grade Reading classroom. It’s a “mash up” of two popular books/movies this year: Harry Potter & Twilight. I’ll be posting a photo series in a couple of days.

    • Que Fregados says:

      Mary Helen, the philosophy is that when murals are created, they are usually community projects and there is ownership taken so the expectation is that it won’t be vandalized. That is what some graffiti abatement programs aim for.

      But I know what you mean because there is always that one idiot who chooses to mess it up for others. Send pictures of your mural when you take them!

  2. Keyrose says:

    I took a picture of this the other day. I was going to post it on my site, thinking that you had forgotten about it. Anyway, I look forward to the next installment by Mr. Rocha.

    Will Mary Helen’s art be featured here as well?

    • Que Fregados says:

      If she shares her photos, of course!

      Yes, you had mentioned that you saw when they were working on it. I remembered I had it today because I was talking to someone you mention sometimes – my idea was to research what the historic homes looked like before they were knocked down to build warehouses and paint an illusion of its former self there.

      If it happens, you heard it here first šŸ˜› Ha! Doubt it happens but I am still going to research the possibilities.

      • stxparrothead says:

        What an awesome idea! Wonder if some of the local high school’s Art Clubs would help out? Get some kids interested in the rich history Laredo has hidden away.

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