The Broncos Win

One more post about the Broncos… but things have changed a bit with Mr. Canseco now a part of the home team. I went to the game tonight with a group of friends and as most of you know – I can’t tell the difference between a baseball and a bocci ball. What I do know is that many were excited to see Jose Canseco play in Laredo and it showed – Veteran’s Field was nearly sold out.

You can’t really call it playing since he made his appearance at bat only twice. He didn’t play in the field at all, either (unless I missed it because we were having a blast with everyone around us).

Anyway, his first time up at bat was a doozy. He pleased Laredo with his homerun BUT… this game was one by the very talented regular Broncos players. I don’t know much about the sport but compared to the White Wings, the Laredo Broncos were much better players – no mistake after mistake after mistake like the visiting team. The Broncos were sharp – although what was up with all the tears in the uniforms? They start out in pristine condition and then… nevermind. This post is about something else.

This video is about Jose Canseco’s first time up at bat for a Laredo team:

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3 Responses to The Broncos Win

  1. ___Baby Ruth says:

    ___gee, the pressure on that guy and he delivers . . .

    ___they gave him an easy pitch to hit undoubtly . . .

    ___i think the term is “baseball annie” . . .

    ___fun in the bleachers, cumbia time

  2. MaryHelen says:

    Great video, QF! Sorry I missed it. Seems like no one was affected by the upper-90 degree temps, not even the cumbia dancer! ;o)

    Keep it coming….

  3. DeLaredo says:

    Great video. I wanted to go, but things got involved. Good to see you were there representing. And of course, Fito Olivares cumbia time is always welcome at any sporting event.

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