Chili’s fundraiser on Wednesday

(Deleted. Oversharing – ha). The Ruthe B. Cowl center is the only NON-PROFIT rehab center in town and they taught me how to walk again – despite not having a penny to my name.

I spent enough time with them to know that they have some problems but those are outweighed by the good they do. For that reason, I want to let people know about this easy fundraiser.

In all honesty, 10% of your meal is not much of a donation from Chili’s (plus you have to bring in the flyer – boo). They are going to make a bundle with food sales & the advertising they get for free but… something is something. I would love to hear that in addition to the 10%, they make a sizable donation too. Come on, Chili’s – we will love you that much more if you do!!

The same goes for other businesses that donate but receive so much more than what they give. Of course, the best way to give is directly to the nonprofit – whether of your time or your money.

Never be afraid to ask questions, ask for a tour, ask how active is their Board of Directors, do they also give, ask for success stories, ask for their 990s (you can find those online, it’s is public info) or other questions that can give you a better idea of where your donation goes.

Good luck to Ruthe B. Cowl!


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3 Responses to Chili’s fundraiser on Wednesday

  1. stxparrothead says:

    šŸ™‚ And I agree- having to bring the flyer is a pain and when you ask the server for one, they tend to roll their eyes and act put out… UGH!

  2. rick78 says:

    WOW in a coma for three months glad you are well now and kudos to the rehab center for providing the therapy .

  3. Fundraising Ideas says:

    Good for Chili’s and their willingness to help out.

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