Forever Unnatural

Get ready for a surprise – I actually went to the mall this weekend!! Some of you know I think I am allergic to clothing stores. I don’t mean in the “I don’t like shopping” (although I am not a big fan) but more the “within five minutes, my nose starts to run and the sneezing begins.” My guess is that it is the chemicals used in new material that triggers wateriness of the nariz.

We went because the almost stepdaughter wanted to get a sweater and shoes for school and did not want to fight the crowds on tax-free weekend. Smart 15-year-old.

So we wander from store to store and lucky for us, she knows what she wants so it isn’t a long trip. We happened to wander into Forever 21 and my memory did a double take. Loooooooong ago, I had snapped a photo of their weird mannequins and guess what? – they are still weird.

It isn’t so much that they are weird, just in the most unnatural positions. Is there a new trend among teens to look like this?? Uh, sorry, among 21 year olds??

Check out some of the shots:

To the left is Ms. Oh-My-Aching-Back, then Ms. Igor-Drag-a-Leg and on the right Ms. Osteoporisis

Then we have Ms. Wrinkled-But-Still-Better-Than-You and Ms. Slouch-o-mama

followed by Ms. Does-This-Make-My-Butt-Look-Big

Ms. My-Bag-Is-Soooooo-Heavy, next to ANOTHER sloucher, Ms. I'm-Too-Hot-To-Notice-The-Rip-In-My-Kneehighs, and Ms. Little-Girl-Wannabe-Crooked-Feet-Stance

then we have Ms. Pass-Me-The-Toilet-Paper

and modeling on the runway... the Jeans-on-your-Head look that is sweeping Laredo

and finally models who think they are too sexy for their clothes - are those white undies sticking out in Ms. Kick-Me??

I know I am old but are these the poses that are passing for hip nowadays? And what is with all the slouching – I wanted to keep yelling throughout the store for everyone to STAND UP STRAIGHT! I so wanted to hand my cane to a mannequin so they wouldn’t tip over. No worries for the mannequins setting a bad example, we won’t visit for another semester or so since the almost stepdaughter got her fill of what she needed for now.


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Que Fregados is a quirky look at little things that strike us funny in Laredo and the unique Latino culture. Suggestions and comments are welcome. You can also email to
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2 Responses to Forever Unnatural

  1. Sylvia says:

    The mannequins are beyond weird, but you came up with the perfect titles for them.
    I just went back and noticed the clothes–ick! Sylvia

  2. Que Fregados says:

    Facebook comments:

    Sonia Mireles, Monica Galvez and Maritza Bautista like this.

    Maribel Medrano-Sanchez = That’s horrible staging! They need a new merchandising director!

    MaryHelen Gallego = Omgoodness!! Your descriptions fit them to a “T”!!! ROFL!!

    Christy Leyendecker Covert = ha ha ha ha ha

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