Laredo Broncos discussed

The Laredo Broncos are asking for your help. At tonight’s City Council meeting, there will be some discussion on the topic again. Check out the city council agenda for today.

The following was posted on the Laredo Broncos Facebook page:

Laredo Broncos Baseball URGENT NOTICE: The Laredo City Council will be holding a budget meeting for the city of Laredo that surprisingly included the “New Baseball Stadium” budget issue tonight at 5:30 p.m. at the Laredo City Council chambers.

August 9, 10 & 11. ITS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

We urge all Broncos fans to please call all the council r…epresenatives, Mayor & city manager and voice your support for the Broncos to stay in Laredo.

The current deal that made Ventura Group win the bid for the stadium vs. the Broncos has changed yet again and the Broncos are once again facing an uphill unfair battle.

We need your help and support, come to the city council meeting or call your local reps & mayor.

City of Laredo, 1110 Houston Street, Laredo, Texas 78040. Ph (956) 791-7300

Thank You!

Voting against the Broncos were Gene Belamares, Johnny Rendon, Juan Narvaez & Tito Garcia.

Not voting were: Mike Garza & Raul Salinas

Voting FOR the Broncos were: Jose Valdez Jr., Cindy Liendo, Michael Landeck.

The Broncos have been a 5 year opeartion providing baseball in the city of Laredo and the community. We are from Laredo and now asking for your help in keeping a local business alive.

We thank all the Broncos fans support. We just want a fair chance and these changes to the terms for them is unfair and unjust to you as a taxpayer.

We thank Jose Valdez Jr., Cindy Liendo and Michael Landeck for seeing this.

We are hopeful the rest of the council does not support this new proposal.


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