National Geographic in Laredo

The little Rotary Club of Laredo Under Seven Flags had a full house this past Tuesday. Nick Stein, series producer, gave the audience a very interesting view of his team’s experience filming the Border Wars series in Laredo.

The video is only of the introduction but Mr. Stein did a great job of describing some of the challenges and fascinating time they have had with their up-close and personal view of drug busts, catching large groups, witnessing bailouts, trafficking all kinds of illegal items and saving lives in the most desolate of areas. He states that Border Wars was the most watched series that National Geographic has run (and that was only the beginning of the series).

The entire series will be aired starting August 29th and will be shown on Wednesday nights. I can’t wait to watch Laredo on the NatGeo channel towards the end of the series!


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2 Responses to National Geographic in Laredo

  1. Que Fregados says:

    Facebook comments:

    Lupita – NICE!

    Ronnie – One of our crew members for the Sound of Music invited them to come to the show and film and report on something positive about Laredo… not just the bad side of Laredo. I don’ t think they ever showed up.

    Sara – The whole presentation was an eye opener. I’m like a lot of moms who really don’t know what our border patrol agents(my son is one) do on a daily basis. It’s a tough job. Everyone should watch the series, it begins Sunday, August 29th. Then Starting Sept. 1 will be aired on Wednesdays on the Nat Geo Channel.

    Ed – Thanks for sharing.

    Que Fregados – The Sound of Music was AWESOME! But in all fairness to the team filming, they are not doing a documentary of Laredo, they are doing a documentary of the law enforcement agencies on the border. They don’t provide opinion, they just show “a… day in the life of…” the good, the bad, and the general.

    They are not a news crew. NatGeo is a for profit company that pays a crew to do the 1 thing it asked them to – they are not even covering NL violence, only the effect of it to the agents on the line. It is as if we asked the cast of the Sound of Music to include a scene from Mars because you are only focusing on Earth. Keep up the great work with local musicals!

  2. stxparrothead says:

    NatGeo is replaying the first episodes that started in January in the next couple of weeks, if you missed them the first time around.

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