National Geographic filming Border Wars documentary

I’ll be heading out to listen to the National Geographic team that has been in Laredo and surrounding areas for the past month or so. They are filming the Border Wars documentary and I got lucky enough to snag them for a presentation before they leave later this week. Woo hoooooo…

A previous post had covered the start of the project and I never thought Laredo would be included but then I started hearing the buzz that they were in town.

I’ll be updating you after their presentation 🙂


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2 Responses to National Geographic filming Border Wars documentary

  1. Que Fregados says:

    Facebook comments:

    Tracey – That’s nice…I heard about it last month. When is it coming out on t.v.?

    Que Fregados – That will be one of the questions I ask tonight 🙂

    Tracey – Thanks

    Ed – The redhead is gorgeous. Tell her I said hi.

    Que Fregados – She isn’t a redhead but they knew who you were talking about when I read it on my iPhone. They say she gets that a lot. Her name is Natalia or Nataliza or something like that.

    Tracey – So did you ask when the documentary is coming out?

    Que Fregados – Yes, the series begins August 19th?? Need to check my video. Working on it right now but will probably post tomorrow. Sleepy.

    Que Fregados – premieres Sunday, August 29th starting with McAllen. then moved to Wednesday nights at 10pm. Laredo will be the last in the series.

    Ed – Did she say hi back???

    Que Fregados – Haha – she said “Tell that Ed guy to meet me at…” No message for you, buddy, she was out in the field working.

    Ed – Well, thanks for trying. : )

  2. Que Fregados says:

    It is always of interest. Maybe we will run across him at some point. I will try to follow-up on this story once the series is released in full.

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