Woody’s, did you or not?

The Laredo Restaurant Critic just made a comment on his Facebook page about a protest that was held outside of Woody’s Last Resort today.

Laredo Restaurant Critic: I just saw the news and I can’t believe that Woody’s doesn’t pay their employees. The LRC cannot support an eating establishment that does not take care of their employees.

What? Come again?? Isn’t Woody’s Last Resort the restaurant that spend all that money to re-do that big space that have? Aren’t these the guys who kept building up the hype of their burgers and all the menu items (half of which are not served as reported by several witnesses)?

I checked out the Pro8News website and this is a quote from the story and the video:

Local Restuarant Under Hot Water with Employees
By KGNS News

Story Updated: Aug 2, 2010
Employees from a local bar and grill are on strike tonight for allegedly going without pay for the past couple of months. Workers gathered outside of Woody’s restaurant off of McPherson. Managers and cooks say sometimes they’re not paid for all the hours they work and at times their checks even bounce.

They tell Pro 8 News they’re fed up of working for free.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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11 Responses to Woody’s, did you or not?

  1. RGallegos says:

    Why haven’t these people filed complaints with the Department of Labor and the TWC? If this is true shame on Woody’s!

    • Que Fregados says:

      I am sure several people have suggested it to them already. Woody’s on the clip above is claiming they were contract employees who were fired for not leaving the premises, hmmm… wonder what the truth is.

    • Alan A. Garcia says:

      This is exactly what the employees should have done by now. Protesting a workplace establishment for non-pay doesn’t really help, especially if the business has been shady since it’s launch of operation…

  2. Richard J. Gonzalez says:

    I’ll never eat at this place. They probably don’t have mustard, if they don’t even pay the employees. What a lousy place.

  3. Danny Garcia says:

    You guys need to get an Attorney that specializes in ‘Wrongful Termination’ and all of you can OWN the Woody’s afterwards and run it the right way.

    This guy has no clue of the concequences.
    1)Do any of you employees have a written & suigned Contract that stipulates that you were hired ‘on contract’ as he is claiming?? *I bet none of you have one-so that’s in your favor.
    2)his ‘verbal’ will not hold if more than one person has the same complaint.
    3) The Dept.of Labor WILL make him pay you guys – create your schedules with days worked and hours worked on a Excel Spread sheet – *Add any details that you can. Example: Had to stay afterwards to prepare for next day’s opening, etc.
    4) I would also report him to the City and have his Business license revoked.
    5) I’d contact the State Attorney General – these guys don’t mess around. They WILL kick his butt back to wherever he came from!!!

  4. elsa cisneros says:

    who in there right mind would work 3 months for free? are they dumb enough to work all that time for free.. wow, plus there are always complaining about the service, well, folks..these fine people protesting are the same people you are complaining about. They are lucky they haven’t been fired earlier..

  5. rick78 says:

    Texas is an “at will” state and basically you can be fired for no reason at all. Working for no pay is pushing the boundaries the feds can step in for remedies but bring your lunch it will take several months .

  6. Que Fregados says:

    Facebook comments:

    Tracey – Hmmm? I wouldn’t go eat at a restaurant name “Woody’s” anyways… Why would they continue to work there w/o pay… and complain later.

    Jose Luis – Yes,yes woody”s in laredo tx

    Bobbie – I hope this isn’t a case of “any publicity is good publicity”. People just might go check out this place because of the KGNS report.

    Rudy – I believe Woody’s has left the building!! They don’t seem to be on Facebook anymore……..

    Richard J. – I’ll make it a point never to eat there. I didn’t know what it was, but now I know, and if they don’t pay their employees, they probably don’t have mustard. So, . . . no further discussion necessary. I hope the place goes out of business. Mismanagement . . . . . .

    Dani – Oh wow!

    MaryHelen – Would like to hear the whole story on both sides. If the owners are not paying their employees, it’s gonna cost them twice as much now to get good publicity after all this negative stuff has gone public. What a shame!

    Que Fregados – Very true. I titled it “did you or not?” because there is always more than one side but… that it is not doing well as a restaurant, that seems to be the consensus of some who have visited and written about it.

    Wicho – my personel experience there was horrible. I am not surprised the problems this establishment is having.

    Fred – otra vez wicho !!!!

  7. j.jgomez says:

    What a great publicity stunt! Both sides of the story are at fault here but I have more words going out to the workers than the owner. I went to eat with my wife and two sons and the girls were just standing around texting and the bald guy that came out on TV was standing just talking to the girls. These people should have never been hired.. I asked for tea and they never brought me any, a lady that I assumed was the boss brought it to me because those girls were lazy enough to not bring it to me. I complain about the girls and the management they should’ve fired them sooner. Mismanagement is one.. and I hope those people protesting learn how it is to serve people

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  9. CV says:


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