Reacting to Nuevo Laredo or overreacting?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The video is from Telediario and is a recording from someone near all the gunfire earlier this night.

This latest round of explosions and gunfire really generated unintentional discussion. I posted when I heard the first 2 explosions, then my friend (who lives in NL but is staying here because it got too late and she refuses to drive in the evening/night out of fear) and I went outside and heard the gun battle.

A little after midnight, the 3rd explosion was so loud that it shook my house. The Nuevo Laredo facebook page indicated that it had occurred near International Bridge #1 – no wonder I felt it.

Here is some of the discussion that took place on Facebook. As usual, I try to use 1st names.

Que Fregados: Another two big booms and gunfire that followed. Must be closer to the border since a helicopter keeps circling on the US side.

o Catherine – Damn it…

o Tracey – OMGoodness! How close do you live to the bridge? I live in south Laredo about five blks give or take to N. Laredo highway and we can never hear anything. It still scares me…

o Que Fregados – I am downtown – not all that that close but I understand the explosions were on Paseo Colon. Even that is not very close but they are loud enough for some to hear. My friend reported hearing by her house in the Heights area.

o Ana – I know it sounds scary but people dont be so dramatic….u live in the US!!! Hello!Do u think that the US govt would let things like the ones happening in NL occur here??? Hmmm….no! Besides they are using bullets not missiles!! Theres a higher chance to be discriminated than being killed by a mexican gunmen here in Laredo….take a deep breath and stop panicking!!!

o Ana – just pray for those suffering in Nuevo Laredo…..that all we can do for now

o Tracey – That just scares me and it angers me when I see certain ppl from Laredo go on National t.v. and say that there is nothing to worry about and that we are safe. I don’t feel safe 😦

o Que Fregados – I don’t think anyone is panicking, just talking about what I just heard and people’s impression from their house. If we were panicking, we would not be on Facebook πŸ™‚

o Ana – Well I just think that some people take things too hard and they overreact causing a huge deal over an issue that is not even happening on this side……I know that we have a lot of questions that must be answered and no one seems to be answering them…..I think we are safe here in Laredo because of our “strict” govt…..all we have to do is pray for those in Nuevo Laredo

o Que Fregados – β€Ž…and stop using drugs.

I hope Mexico finds peace. As I have said many times in blog posts before, I feel safer in Laredo than back home up North. I will keep reporting what I see and hear – after all, that is what my blog is, my observations.

o Catherine – Who’s being dramatic? The fact is that there is great concern that these attacks between the cartels & military may be pushed onto American soil. If & when that happens, the US will defend its borders. We are right next door to a country that is suffering wars, violence, economic ruin, & overall devastation much like what we only used to see on TV in far away countries…This is real, its here, and it does affect us.

o Tracey – Well put Catherine…

o Ana – You guys are just overreacting like I said before…We live in one of the most advanced country in the world….military speaking…do u think the US government is waiting until the cartels cross the borders??? No!! They have already have a… plan to control the situation…why do people have to make such a big deal with a situation that has not yet occurred! Stop with the collective psychosis and center your minds in issues that really affect us Laredoans such as local politics or social discrimination, or a better school system…Let Mexico deal with theirs issues for once!

o Gabriela – Well some of us have family and friends that live in nuevo laredo…so being concerned is Not Overeacting.

o Tati – It goes beyond the obvious safety, the much needed prayers and the political argument bc asides fr geographical locations and better security, there’s the economy to think about. Agentes aduanales,, truck drivers and all others involved in …Laredo trade are taking an enormous pay-cut over the already imposed recession cuts. Not saying that the obvious facts already discussed aren’t relevant. However, if we r going to talk drama, let’s talk about the dramatic effect this awful war has on our people and their families. Gawd, any way u analyze it, it blows. I guess that’s the bottom line 😐

o Jacqueline – Exactly! A lot of us have many friends and family in nuevo Laredo. So we are not overreacting. Of course we are going to be concerned with what is going on over there. I wish I could dislike some comments on here. :p

o Que Fregados – Ana, I think you are misreading people. By saying we are overreacting, those are words of someone who is overracting. Many people have family and friends in Nuevo Laredo. The political border is there but not the community border.

Do not …judge on what is important or not – and if you read my blog, you will see that there are MANY concerns and this is definitely one of them. I have a friend staying with me because she cannot return to Nuevo Laredo at night. I have friends working the line right now that have to deal with the potential. We have neighbors among us who are tied to Nuevo Laredo (including the presidente municipal and many of the department heads) who LIVE in Laredo.

Things are not black and white as much as you may want them to be. The complexity of the issue also requires our attention, we cannot hide our heads in the sand. The overlap affects both sides of the border. No one who has commented yet seems to be overreacting other than someone who keeps repeating that others are overreacting.

o Jacqueline – And issues in nuevo Laredo do affect us here in Laredo. Hellloooo tourism has basically stopped because of the violence on the border. That affects our economic growth in the city. Families and businesses are hurt because of all the violence. So it is something to worry about. Be concerned!

o Tati – @Ana- you have a good point, just like anyone else w an opinion, but to think that the US has one of the best military in the world is a bit much. Wars can’t b fought based purely on military tactic otherwise, this very military would’ve kicked ass in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, done away w red Korea, Hugo Chavez, Nicaragua and kicked ass in el Salvador in two seconds fat. War tactics involve a lot of social/cultural knowledge and the US is notorious for having an alpha/omega know it all complex that causes them to fail over and over and, in turn, prolong unnecessary wars. So, instead of saying one of the best, I like to say one of the most well funded and lucrative military. I lived thru six yrs of civil war courtesy of Carter and Reagan and trust me, god money overpowers the collective lives of a country any day- that’s a fact. Sooooo, my point is that don’t b too sure the us govt will just snap their fingers and do their stare.

o Gabriela – Ana…Of course we are concerned, we are concerned for our families and friends that live on the Mexican side. As for your comment “We live in one of the most advanced country in the world….” Give me a break! The government may have convi…nced you about what a great country we are, but we are far from great, we have many many issues in the USA that are of big concern. One of the problems being the need for drugs for the consumption of a great part of the US population, thus creating the need for drug smuggling in Mexico. Of course we are concerned because we are very close to a city in which things have gotten out of hand and believe it or not; your neighbor may be one of them! and trust me no one is safe!

o Ana – Im not saying that I do not care or that we should look the other way and pretend that its not happening….I have family in Nuevo Laredo too…dont misunderstand me and see me as the evil witch all im saying that yes we should be aware of what is happening but dont make a huge deal over something that im pretty sure is not going to happen here people scared being miles away from the attacks. I think its time to think about the real issues affecting us for example we would not be worrying about this if the schools were better and arm kids values and morals we need to focus on education and things that could benefit our city.Β·

o Paige – I do not think that anyone is overreacting, If anything people are under reacting. What is to keep what is happing in N.Laredo for happing in Laredo? Yes it is the US; but what is there to stop the thugs that have taken over in Nuevo Laredo from coming across and doing the same thing. How many people cross the bridges and come to the US in other ways everyday. Do you really think that they would not get across if they really wanted to?

o Catherine – Mexico’s issues have everything to do with the US! It is very likely that the aguacate you prepared for your last carne asada came from Mexico, both countries rely on each other for economic reasons, various industries are crucial to the success of our local economy and that of the entire US as well, but most importantly it is of great concern that Mexico has NOT dealt with their “issues” for many years already and our sister city has lost it’s colorful atmosphere, the only color that is left is that of the blood of the human casualties of this selfish, corrupt & despicable war about power, control & greed. It is humanity at it’s worst. We must take great care that it does not rear its ugly head upon us on US soil, water or airspace.

o Ana – Then tell me…how come we havent seen things like the ones happening in Nvo Laredo here in Laredo??? Hmmm…let me think……because of the government controlling the situation….and no Gabriela the government has not convinced me of anything…I was referring to the military aspect…..oh and Catherine im allergic to aguacate so I couldnt have it on my last carne asada but good point!

o Gabriela – Things haven’t happened because the government is controlling the situation? mmmhhh I don’t think so, I guess you don’t read or watch the US news… Where in Laredo is the military?

o Jacqueline – Please I think you are not comprehending our message to you. Maybe you shouldn’t say anymore. It’s very upsetting to hear these type of comments when so much violence, death, and chaos is happening in our sister city.

o Catherine – Suddenly, I feel like quoting the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland…

o Paige – Has anyone seen the movie Red Dawn from the 80’s? It could happen in Laredo.

o Terri – well at least its information to prepare us incase of an emergency..stay informed… and those who do not want to get informed get out of the way!!!

o Tati – I Dont want to make Ana the focal point or chastize her for what she believes; but here’s the lowdown on the govt and military: it’s all about the war on terrorists. Not the war on drugs, the war on immigrants or the war on produce. 9/11 only fueled the govts anxiety to move forward. For example, sendero luminoso and their cocaine (s America), Afghanistan and their crazy insane mass production of heroine (to list 2 countries off the top of my head). Neither has been invaded bc of drugs nor would thy ever be. If u don’t believe me, ask any border patrol how thy prioritize these things or look at the funding the Feds allocate by way of grants and appropriations for drugs and compare the figures to the cash /attn given to fight terrorism. It’s nuts! But these are just my findings and my own humble opinions. Plz dnt think I’m attacking. I just can’t sleep and this is just a topic I keep updates on πŸ™‚

o Ana – I think you are not getting what im trying to say or I might not be making my self clear or maybe Im the one that is not getting what you are saying. Im also concerned but im not going to be walking around looking over my shoulder or alarm my kids whenever we hear of another shooting across because we dont live overthere and besides Im entitled to my opinion and you dont have to agree with me. Im off to buy my bullet-proof vest and sleep under the bed…u never know

o Catherine – Freedom of speech, ain’t it grand? Not always clear, correct, or concise but it’s ours for the taking or should I say talking. Nite all, I’m sleeping on the roof, I wanna hear something tonight…


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10 Responses to Reacting to Nuevo Laredo or overreacting?

  1. MaryHelen says:

    Fortunately, we are only having a word battle on this side. I fear and pray for the N.L. folks whose lives are directly affected by the violence on their streets. God be with us all.

  2. juan says:

    It’s funny how Sms talks about hearing things happening over there (Nuevo Laredo) but I’m assuming that she doesn’t live down town or anywhere near the river where those “things” that happen in Nuevo Laredo actually sound like they are happening one block away. Who knows I could be wrong, but being one that works the river I foresee it spilling over to this side very soon. Who’s to say that it hasn’t already spilled over? Just because you haven’t heard on the news or read it on a blog, it doesn’t mean that it hasn’t happened already. Just something to ponder about…….

    • rick78 says:

      True that Juan ! Highly agree with you the US military is the best in the world but rules of engagement are strictly followed there. Now the regular US citizen is very different deadly force can be used more freely and most Texans own several guns . Yes spillover has happened but not to the magnitude in N.Laredo.

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  4. rick78 says:

    Spillover has happened already ,,,recall Gonzalez-Bath brazen killing in broad day light on Mann road? Luckily no Innocent bystanders were hurt. No panic just a safety concern when city leaders are in denial .

  5. Que Fregados says:

    And I STILL feel relatively safe in Laredo although more close by grenades might make my house shift.

    I do fear the domestic burglars, the desperate drug addicts, and vandalizing kids. Oh yeah, and the occasional rock thrown through my window (see previous post) and car accident that plows into my property (2 cars crashed and knocked down 1/2 my porch & hit my house).

  6. Panchito says:

    As an American I am sad to say that this is our fualt! Why? Prohibition that is why. What differance is there between these guys and the gangsters of the 20’s. None. Food for thought! Now sould we consider repealing drug laws and using the monies that paid for DEA officers to help the drug addicted. Something more to think about.

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