Pet Store Negligence

How could you, store which I won’t name? I would think that at the first sign of tank issues, the surviving fish would be transferred so they can be given a chance to live.

Not only was the goldfish tank disgustingly dead but the snail tank was a total cemetery.

This store routinely tests water for customers so I don’t understand why they didn’t test their own water. Not only that but why let the weekend public look at their negligence in the most visible tank.


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10 Responses to Pet Store Negligence

  1. Linda says:

    que asco… entonces ahi no interviene proteccion de animales? no tiene nada que ver que sean peces… necesitan limpieza es totalmente una negligencia mejor que los regalen si no los quieren mantenet

  2. Risa de Angel says:

    I think you should go ahead and reveal the name of the store. The store owners deserve negative publicity.

  3. Sylvia says:

    This should not be ignored. There are some steps you can take and here is a website to check:

    Good luck!

  4. Mayra says:

    I agree with the negative publicity. If they are doing things like this so that everyone can see, can you just imagine what is going on behind closed doors. Poor animals…

  5. em says:


  6. MonBon says:

    This is why I don’t shop for my pets in pet stores or Wal Mart. Last night I witnessed a guy trying to buy some fish at Wal Mart, and three of the tanks were so filthy, he couldn’t see the fish inside. Even the employee helping him was embarrassed. Shameful. If I need pet supplies, I get them at HEB or Target.

  7. Chicagoense says:

    Guacatelas! Irresponsible people!!

  8. AQUAMAN says:

    How dare they! Justice will be served!

  9. Me says:

    OK this is BAD but, I think we tend to humanize the death of these types of animals a little to much. I see no difference when I go the grocery store an see all the shrimp and fish on ice. I’m sure that there death was no the better. … and to all that say “well those will be eaten” NO not all of them we live in a society that’s extremely wasteful.

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