Good bye Casa Beto

Now this is sad to see. According to Manta, online small business directory, Casa Beto was established in 1967 – making it a long time Laredo business.

We keep hearing of all the things that impact businesses negatively from the still fragile economy, the violence of Nuevo Laredo, the reign of big box stores, etc. It is sad to see that another Laredo business is biting the dust – or maybe just closing its retail doors.

I drove by this morning – it is nearly empty and has a for rent sign outside.

Casa Beto on Salinas closing - just ignore the jaywalkers


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3 Responses to Good bye Casa Beto

  1. Laredo shopper says:

    Business must be able to cut their losses and make swift decisions to retain their highest earnings. I am sure that with the economy slowly returning its strength, those businesses that can wait the long haul stem to gain the surprising economy up turn. The Nuevo Laredo situation is an unknown factor to the formula of the economy, but Casa Beto will not go far from its business venture because they know that they are one of few majority purchasing store that market the south texas region.

    I have always wandered if these stores are interplaying the market of those the kingpins are running, because they are sometimes very splendid with their items they sell. Just a comment though and nothing supporting that comment. Unless the undercover cartels were these stores greatest purchasers.

    Laredo City Council should seriously consider a tax bracket reduction for those business that employ and sell at any of the downtown stores. You have heard of homes in the historical district that have a tax abatement for several years or tax exemption – why couldn’t these business be given tax exemptions if they are conducting a business storefront in downtown laredo. It would be behove the City of Laredo to have a discount system to those businesses renting a city storefront and are part of the Chamber of Commerce . How about giving business a one percent discount of their business rent for every year they have been in business at a current location. This will help businesses with them stay afloat and stay in business.

    Other incentives should be given to those businesses that support charity organizations and improve their storefront every year.

    How about it City Council , something must be done to keep our businesses in Laredo in business.

    • Que Fregados says:

      You’ve heard of homes in the historic district that have tax abatement or tax exemption??? Really? Which of my neighbors are not paying their share? Are you sure this is not a rumor?

  2. stxparrothead says:

    😦 I have always stopped in there when I go shopping downtown & will miss that store. Found some unique things over the years!

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