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Who went and moved things around?? Not that I am complaining but I was surprised when I searched for the city of Laredo website. I had been having trouble accessing it a week ago and I am guessing the reason why is because they were updating it. It looks faaaaaaaancy. Now the problem will come in trying to relearn where everything is. This is a good problem, just not a convenience problem. The page looks 10 times better than it did before. Check it out.

My only complaint, err, uhmm… my first complaint is that the seven flags displayed in the city logo still uses the wrong Confederate flag. The artist used the battle flag and not the stars and bars national flag of the Confederacy. What’s up with that? If Laredo were a few miles further North, it might have plenty of people protesting aside from just me griping on a little blog. Get it right one of these days!

See Laredo Morning Times’ masthead for an example:


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5 Responses to City’s website

  1. BT Blues says:

    Good eye on the ol’ Rebel flag. They also need to get the one at the airport, too.

    • rick78 says:

      The original confederate flag is still there but the one adopted by white supremest groups is gone . Laredo trying to rewrite history .

      • rick78 says:

        The original confederate flag is next to the Texas flag and to be politically correct the original Texas flag was Mexico’s with the eagle replaced by numbers 1824 which was confiscated by the Mexican military after the fall of the Alamo .

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