BP more believable than the Diggers Realm blog

Not only did BP Oil’s sloppily photoshopped clean-up effort photos get caught by eagle-eyed bloggers, they actually set up a Flickr set of their “altered images” as reported in Good.

Wow – now THAT is transparent.

Apparently in blogs read by Minutemen and people not even close to Laredo, a sensationalist story will just not die. I won’t link or reprint the blog because I don’t want to spread it around any more but it deals with the Zetas taking over two ranches over by the Mines Road Area near Minerales Annex Road. Laredo Police supposedly confirmed it when that area is so not in LPD’s jurisdiction. As Laredoans & Webb County residents, many of us feel the tension when something is going on – we may not know exactly what is taking place but the chatter amongst our federal employee and law enforcement friends (a big chunk of our neighbors) usually tips off the community that something is going on. In this case, NOTHING is going on. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen, but it has NOT happened. Lots of other funky stuff happens but not the take over of any ranches in Webb County. Next we are going to hear from blogs that “Minutemen have confirmed that they will now be assisting in the filling out of documents for persons to gain their legal residency!” To believe or not?

Who knows, maybe Catherine was busy this past weekend taking over 1/2 of Laredo:

The Zetas take over a South Texas Ranch ¡¡¡QUE FREGADOS!!!!


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3 Responses to BP more believable than the Diggers Realm blog

  1. rick78 says:

    FUNNY !

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