Impacts from Alex and Bonnie

This past week, I listened to a speaker from the Laredo Development Foundation describe some of the recent trips taken as the groundwork is laid for developing a stronger trade route through Laredo. Not only do they have information on what is going on in Laredo economics but also its impact on the rest of the country. Whether you like the idea of the LDF or not, they still have valuable information. Tim Franciscus-Timm described the delicate balance needed in the import-export business and the efforts to expand with CAFTA into Central and South America but this story is about the impact weather can have on business. He gave his audience a few examples of delays because of the storms.

Obviously we saw the devastation to some local families’ homes but all of the train and truck delays took a toll on transportation. The interruption from storm Alex has cost companies like the 2 week delay of the Ford Fiesta and tropical storm Bonnie has delayed the drilling meant to help the BP oil spill efforts as reported by the Gulf Times yesterday:

BP Plc moved ships and workers back to a Gulf of Mexico oil spill as a storm diminished yesterday, but work to permanently seal the blown-out well could be delayed at least a week.

Ships and rigs working to drill a relief well intended to halt the leak for good are expected back in place today, but reconnecting the piping to the well could delay the operation seven to nine days, officials said.

Today in El Mañana, a story also talked about the delay of TWENTY days of thousands of tons of merchandise that could not come through because of train transportation:

Esto sucedió ayer alrededor de las 4:30 de la tarde y así terminó un grave problema, ya que miles de toneladas de mercancía no se podían mover al quedar fuera de uso la vía principal que comunica al sur del país, durante casi 20 días.

Fue otra de las consecuencias del paso del huracán “Alex” por el noreste de México, que dejó lluvias tan intensas, lo que provocó que las presas de la región se llenaran al límite.

Laredo is still in clean-up mode. We drove by Anna Street and we spotted some lost trailers and other materials in places they should not be (click on photo for larger size):


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    Yes nature is very strong !

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