Amongst all the bickering and accusations of political moves without thinking that at least someone is helping… someone out there has put up a warning sign that made me smile.

This painted sign is by the Salvation Army on Matamoros and has already been changed a few times. Someone’s got paint, time and a sense of humor!


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2 Responses to Aguas

  1. BT Blues says:


  2. Que Fregados says:

    Facebook comments:

    MICHELLE PEREZ – actually, it’s not painted by the salvation army… it’s painted by the residents of 420 matamoros! hehe ♥

    QUE FREGADOS – ‎”by the salvation army” meaning it is right next to the Salvation Army. I take it you know who paints them, Michelle? Always nicely done but I missed taking a photo of the last one.

    MONICA GALVEZ – not too long ago they had a painting titled “pata” and in was a foot that morphed into a duck…hilarious! i love it 😀

    MONICA GALVEZ – and i believe it was on this same exact billboard about 2-3 wks ago. loving the street art 😉

    MICHELLE PEREZ – hahahaha… oops! well, could’ve gone both ways, i guess!

    this is actually on my way home every day, so i have the others on my laptop… i’ll post them soon! (ok, i’ll be realistic: eventually… hehe)

    and, well, let’s just say i’m acquainted with 420 matamoros street and its associates/associations. 😉 ♥

    ROSARIO AZIOS – Check in on Gil ………… ( :

    BARBARA VALDEZ VILLANUEVA – There are a lot of someones helping… Plus, it’s not been lost on anyone that ppl are helping. :p

    MICHELLE PEREZ – yup, yup, yup! 🙂

    QUE FREGADOS – Sorry Barbara but bringing up the issue over and over is not helping your brother at all – at least in my eyes it is not. This post was about the sign, not other things.

    MICHELLE PEREZ – oh, i thought her post was abt the sign! hehe

    MICHELLE PEREZ – my bad? 🙂

    QUE FREGADOS – Maybe it is – let’s give her the benefit of the doubt 🙂

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