Bold thieves

I just witnessed a SIN VERGÜENZA act at Home Depot. I was walking out of the store with my bags in cart after having checked out. The alarm had beeped as I walked out of the garden section but the cashier and other worker waved me on. The alarm went off again so I looked back and a middle-aged man was running out with something large in his arms.

The Home Depot worker takes off after him and almost catches the guy but he jumps into his small SUV that was waiting for him… yep, even had an accomplice.

I debated for a second of whether to throw my cart into the back of the getaway car or to get the license plates. Seeing that I finally got my iPhone 4 (WOOOHOO!), I yanked it out as fast as I could, fumbled with my purse, my cane and the security code on my phone, and snapped a picture…

… of course, it doesn’t matter that you have an iPhone 4 with a 5-megapixel camera if your reflexes are not fast enough to take a photo of the Texas license plates of a small SUV with a bold thief on board.

Doesn’t Home Depot have cameras? And doesn’t this guy have a conscience? I hope he really, really, really needed whatever he took. As for me – I couldn’t help Home Depot because as you can see from the picture I did finally get, it is a pretty empty parking lot with a dejected Home Depot employee. Too bad for all honest customers because we will be paying more because of thieves like this. Sigh.


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5 Responses to Bold thieves

  1. Hilda says:

    It happens everyday. I’m just glad the employee was not hurt.

  2. Liz Carrion says:

    Your effort to help matters. Im glad it wasn’t your Iphone that was stolen.

  3. rick78 says:

    Also good that you were not hurt as well very bold to take the hoodlums pic they could have turned around and harm you .Glad that did not happen, whatever they took it is not worth risking one’s life over .

  4. BT Blues says:

    No cat-like reflexes? It’s OK. You did the best you could. It is a shame that you did not get that cart thrown in the way of those bold Home Depot vandals. It could have been just like The Thomas Crown Affair (remake).

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