Say goodbye to the LCC dorms

Down, down, down they go.

The issue of what to do for the students who lived in the dorms has been a touchy one. The board of trustees offered different solutions but as a past Laredo Morning Times article by Nick Georgiou dated March 31st, students had been expressing their concern:

For more than two months, about 120 LCC students have been wondering where they will live once the college demolishes the Killam dorms at the end of this semester.

They have not been quiet about their concerns either.

Several of the dorm students have used Laredo Community College board meetings as a venue to voice their dismay and frustration.

For all their vocal complaints, it doesn’t look like LCC could help them aside from a scholarship to help cover a housing transition or was that housing? This was up in the air waiting for legal counsel to let the college know what it could or could not do.

So… what happened to the students?? I don’t know other than the dorms are all vacated and coming down fast.

What I still don’t understand is why LCC had dorms in the first place? I had never heard of a community college with a residential component – I guess now they are now they will be more in line with others. Community colleges started in the 1960s (let’s see if I remember my history) to serve LOCALS (not needing housing) and be open to everyone (hence, the reason there are remedial courses, adult education, etc.) since universities tended to be… hmmm…. elitist (nicest word I could think of).

If anyone knows what accommodations were made for these students, it would be interesting to know.


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5 Responses to Say goodbye to the LCC dorms

  1. ___initially, some were built to host the student athletes, there was a time when the Coach was allowed to recruit Nationally and our now defunct basketball program had players from the East Coast and hantional rankings

  2. rick78 says:

    The basketball players had dorms in the old plantation antebellum style buildings they were very nice had the Old South flavor.Was in the work study program and at one task was to clean those buildings after the years end. Hope the trustees do not demolish the antique history full buildings .

    • Que Fregados says:

      Actually, the trustees are planning a restoration of the older buildings – the issue is still money but… the hope is to restore much of the campus and make it a historic site that can be visited. Now that would be a great addition to Laredo – the fort restored and its history highlighted!

  3. Melodie Brelsford says:

    Great Article. One thing I would like to tell people is that don’t be in a hurry to fill in your applications because in the hurry you might forget important details. Sit down and think, think for days about your essays/applications. Include what you think is must. Don’t include lies just to impress them. Trust me, they have seen all kind of applications so just don’t BS your way through. Hope this helps.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I was planning to come here, im from Dallas Texas but now that the dorms are no longer there i don’t think im going to be coming to Laredo community college.

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