The clean-up after Laredo Flood 2010

Our friends backyard finally free of water but ... there used to be a road back there.

We packed up our scrub brushes, bleach, pressure washer, etc. and went to help a friend who lives on Los Martinez Street. I asked if I could take pictures and he said “sure”. He was actually waiting for the students from Job Corps who were going to help him and neighbors empty out his mobile home so that the mobile home could be hauled away. It is a total loss.

My footprints in the forming mud of the receding waters - my cane was slipping & sliding

Because he is such an educated, friendly, smart man with many supportive friends, he was able to coordinate some of the groups that were going to be going in to Los Martinez to help out. Now that the water has receded a bit, it is clean-up time and help is going to be needed.

The city of Laredo already has teams out to clean some of the streets. See photo.

City workers trying to wash off the mud caking on the streets.

I hope to be able to collect a list of the groups forming to clean up in different areas. If you know of neighborhood clean-ups, shoot me an email to or comment below.

As for my friend – we were not much help other than leaving supplies. The pressure washer was needed but unfortunately there is no electricity yet to make it run. Because his home is a total loss, he and his family will be starting from scratch with no savings, no insurance, only an empty lot. But as he says, “It is hard to come to terms with being homeless, but I am glad we all have our health and we will be moving forward. It does us no good to look back or feel sorry for ourselves.” He has one of the best attitudes I have ever seen! When I was in need, he and his family were there for me and now it will be my turn to do the same.

You may be too proud to ask for help but we will be there for you!!


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Que Fregados is a quirky look at little things that strike us funny in Laredo and the unique Latino culture. Suggestions and comments are welcome. You can also email to
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3 Responses to The clean-up after Laredo Flood 2010

  1. MaryHelen says:

    QF, Please send me your friend’s address. There might be something my church can do to help him and his family.


  2. Que Fregados says:

    I don’t know if you know but you always come in as spam – i am definitely gonna treat your remarks as spam.

    • Que Fregados says:

      Oops – this reply was for Mr. Chavez’ post and his very insensitive remarks. Guess wordpress posted my reply on the blog. You don’t want to know what he said.

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