LCC flooding… with red tape

I live within 1/4 of a mile from the Rio Grande and I didn’t get a reverse 911 call to voluntarily evacuate as the Laredo Morning Times reports! What gives?? Maybe the city wanted to see me post on the following irksome experience.

So I decide I am going to take an art class as self enrichment at Laredo Community College. Why not? I have some time and a creative bent. Because it is a last minute decision, I figure, I will register online. What is the first thing I see online.


What the…?? So off I go to LCC, student ID in hand, in line at the registrar’s office. Registrar says I need advising. I defiantly say “what for, it’s a for fun class, not a terminal degree – duh!” Ok, I am more respectful than that. The very young lady tells me to go to advising even though I say “your records should reflect that my transcript includes a bachelors and masters and I have been taking classes all this last year.”

I go over to advising, I mean, the Student Success Center. The line is pretty long just to sign in – naturally since class starts tomorrow and everyone procrastinates. Not me, I just decided late. I say, “Registrars won’t let me register because you have a hold on me.” They tell me I only have a few credits and that I need to be advised. So I start to stutter, “but, but, but… I have a bachelors and a masters and this is a FOR FUN class!”. They tell me it will be about AN HOUR before I can see an advisor to discuss anything. I keep telling them that there is some mistake. They tell me – nope, you are only a freshman, you have to be advised. I tell them I must be the freshman with the most credits because I take a different class every freakin’ semester (bad habit) for the last 25 years. So they tell me to go talk to Admissions and tell them my transcript does not show credits.

I hobble over to Registrars and wait 1/2 hour in line only to be told, you are in the wrong line, the Admissions office is in the same room, just different line. GRRRRRRRRR…

In Admissions, at least they offer me a seat & somewhere to hang my cane while I explain what Registrars and Advising said. So they look at my record and say… “hmmm… Ms. VERY FREGADA… looks like you show up as a freshman but there is your transcript showing credits from several universities, several community colleges and maybe we even see the massage therapy courses, parliamentarian courses, leadership courses, public policy courses, tax preparation courses, real estate courses…” (told you I am a perpetual student). The nice lady prints out my records and sends me back to advising, yeah, advising with the huge lines.

In advising I say “here is what your records should show, please remove the hold so I can take this ‘for fun’ class.” They tell me they were nice enough to put my name in queue so my wait will be a little shorter than an hour. NO WAY. I stand there looking as pitiful as I feel – so pity comes my way. The woman takes my freshly printed transcript to an advisor to do a quick removal of a hold. Done – and only a slightly more than 2 hour process for LCC staff to look beyond their screens and just do the simple task at hand.

Now to battle the Registrar’s line to register… forget it. Now I don’t want to take the class.

Classes begin tomorrow at LCC and July 12th at TAMIU – but only for those who make it through the lines. If they had a customer service model, there would be additional cross training and someone at some point would have picked up a phone or looked closer at their screen instead of just passing me (and others) on to the next office.

Getting closer and closer... by the way, don't know why but I really like the colors of the woman's straps in front of me. I wouldn't wear it but I like it all colorful. Oh wait, back to being angry at LCC... grrr...


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19 Responses to LCC flooding… with red tape

  1. Norma B. says:

    Very impressive that you have a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree but it jumped at how you continously misspelled the word “advisor”!!! Next time, I would register in a timely fashion and not wait for the lines to form. In addition, Laredo Community College is a 2 campus institution which basically there is another campus located in the south!!!!

    • Que Fregados says:

      Ah yes, I did notice that and when my spell checker pointed out that advisor was misspelled. I changed it to adviser when I had advisor – believe it or not, I used to be a college advisor, HA. I said I have degrees, I didn’t say I was perfect & neither is spellcheck:)

      Unfortunately I can’t register when I don’t know that I am taking a class. I was in line to get rid of a hold that should not have been there.

      If I am familiar with the system, imagine how confusing it is for newcomers. Yikes! That is why I mention a customer service model. There are plenty around and I know that LCC is trying. Lots of changes have been made but customer service also means going one step beyond “this is what is on my job description” like the simple act of the Advising staff taking 30 seconds to have someone remove a hold that is a mistake, rather than have me wait an additional hour.

      Not to worry, Mr. Gamez will also get a copy of this posting. I like LCC, I want LCC to succeed. Hope you enjoyed my relating this frustrating story.

  2. rick78 says:

    Informal blog did not know we were being graded for spelling!
    Had the same experience trying to obtain my transcripts that were microfilmed and not on the new computer data base . The clerk was young unfamiliar with the microfilm era so in essence I did not exist. No social graces from the clerks and no model or instructions of where to line up for service. Luckily a gentleman with experiences with great social graces intervened retrieved my transcripts .

  3. Norma B. says:

    LCC is desperately trying to accomodate everyone that has decided to return and pursue their education. Because of the economic hardship that everyone is experiencing education is playing a key role to help alleviate the stituation. Unfortunately, because of 1 staff member and his/her attitude all staff are bashed. LCC is committed to deliver the utmost customer service to all students.

    • Que Fregados says:

      There was no bashing and I talked about SEVERAL staff members. No need for defensiveness. It is not personal against you – just a system that allows for this type of issue. I never should have had a hold and I should have been able to register online before having set foot on the campus. Enough commenting, I don’t have to explain myself – as I said, it will be shared with administration.

  4. Araceli says:

    Why so angry Norma?! I think is you who should check the word “advisor.” It is spelled correctly. Maybe you should be registering for some courses – start with Attitude 101 followed by grammar. Laredo Community College has been know to many as a college that gives students the run-around. So Norma, hurry up and and get in line!!!!!!! Try the south campus – you should know.

    • Que Fregados says:

      In all fairness, the word advisor was misspelled (even right now, WordPress is picking it up as misspelled). I shouldn’t have 2nd guessed myself.

      I live a few blocks from the main campus but i had tried doing ONLINE before I went in person to see what was up with the hold. Why would I want to go to the south, right?

      Maybe I made Norma defensive. It was not my intention, just relating my story in as funny way as possible. I am sure I am not the only potential student who gets turned off by inefficiency. Luckily, I didn’t HAVE to take a class.

  5. Hilda says:

    I totally agree with Que Fregados on the red tape issue. It is very frustrating when you are trying to accomplish many tasks at one time and there is not enough help from the personnel at the campus. I have been in the exact situation and of course, it was a computer error. All I needed was one person to help me out and fix the problem and not send me from line to line to do what the original person could have helped me with. Its amazing how you end up with the same person that send you off to a different line only to have wasted additional time waiting in a line with more frusterated individuals who are being given the run around. I think we are spending more money on paying extra saleries on people that don’t know what they are doing. Go figure….only in Laredo!

  6. ___next time register on-line, they say it is more convenient

    • Que Fregados says:

      Read closer, Chavez. I did go online but was blocked because of hold that should not have been there. That is what started my whole trip in person – because they wouldn’t let me online.

  7. rick78 says:

    Apparently Norma is highly educated and miserable. Those degrees are very nice to have but we are still human not perfect .They will not give you social graces that comes from one’s own heart. Had a family member with a PHD and man he thought he was superior than thou ! He is now buried at the Catholic cemetery with a PHD. Moral of the story we are still mortals with or without those degrees prone to make mistakes! LJC or LCC needs work on efficiency and more important SOCIAL GRACES !

  8. carolyn says:

    Just remember you are in LAREDO

  9. Gaby says:

    WOW! I didn’t know this would be such a topic of debate. How come there were no heated discussions on Fregados topics on recycling, animal chip laws, etc.?

  10. Edith says:

    I like your story. It is true this happens all the time and I’m talking about all the institutions here in Laredo I’m a senior at TAMIU and I hate that I can’t register because I’m pending one course from my freshman yr. Who gives!! My degree plan said I was good to transfer from LCC to TAMIU, now the class in question is no longer acceptable….. SO WHY THE HELL DID I GET ADVICED FOR! I can understand this because I went through the lines and the waste of time so that now I have to pay another class and yes! you guessed it get in line and waste more time!

    • rick78 says:

      Yes had a similar experience at TAMIU . The students there had great social graces and helped me more than the assigned staff hired to do this task ! Went to one office for advise was sent to three other places and ended up at the first one . Spoke my mind on the TAMIU commercial that it was all propaganda the staff there did not care . So much for higher education !

  11. Jenna says:

    We all have bad days, but like someone mentioned earlier, if no one complains, things don’t get better. So thanks for bringing this to our (and LCC’s attention). No need to insult someone’s intelligence based on a mistype (is that how you spell it, or will I get crucified, as I also have a bachelors and masters? šŸ™‚ for stating the truth.

  12. webmany says:

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