The best way to travel on the 4th

To be a loved dog… ahhhhh…

I had to go sooooo slowly on San Bernardo because precious cargo was ahead of me. When he finally turned, I followed. The stalker point and shooter.

On this 4th of July – let’s remember that the goals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are not only the goal of citizens of the U.S., it is for many people around the world. Enjoy celebrating our independence from England (oh, no, does that mean we should stop speaking ENGLISH?? Just kidding, all of those that think “if you are in America you should speak English”. I am not looking to make enemies, just for people to realize that we are not the only ones on this Earth.) I’m off to the lake – eek!


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9 Responses to The best way to travel on the 4th

  1. Que Fregados says:

    Apparently I need to tweak the photos on this “new look”. I can only get small & giant photos on. Will try later on.

  2. BT Blues says:

    Sweet. If only more pooches were treated like this in the Bordertown, it would be a much better place.

  3. El Justiciero says:

    A country FOR the humane treatment of animals… and non-caucasians, YEAH! Happy Independence Day.

  4. Keyrose says:

    Pick up the pace! Ruff! Come on; you call that bicycling? Ruff!

  5. rick78 says:

    Very nice kudos for the man taking loving TLC for his dog. Yes we are not in England but Arizona does along with far right republicans who are sympathetic towards BP ! Thanks for stating that which is my main point that we are supposed to live in the land of freedom along with free speech in any language !

  6. ___donde estas mujer ???????????

  7. ___it’s a dog’s life

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