Chipping your chucho

Russ waiting at the vet. He doesnt know what is in store for him. Snip, snip.

Today is 6 months – yay! Wasn’t sure if I was going to stick it out.

Early readers might remember the story of Russ, the mutt. I hope you check it out because it was one of my favorites. I am not sure if I told you but Russ has been the most expensive stray to date – $500+ for treating all the tick-borne diseases, $200+ for boarding him while he healed, medication expense, $40 monthly grooming, extra expense for cleaning everywhere he leaves hair and what I paid while I “fostered” him. I had written about the ordinance that at the time was just being discussed and was happy to have found that LAPS (Laredo Animal Protection Society) charged $15 for micro-chipping. He got chipped.

Russ had to wait until all his treatment was done for him to finally get neutered (trying to be responsible, plus it was covered with the $$ paid to LAPS). So he got snipped and came back home to another couple of weeks of recovering before his sutures were removed.

He now has a little tattoo marking that he was neutered. Today’s visit was simple – pop out the remaining staples and make sure there is no infection. Bordertown Blues wrote about the front page story in the Laredo Morning Times that covers the new city ordinance (highlighted here by Laredo Buzz).

So pet owners – get ready! I asked my veterinarian’s receptionist about the ordinance since tomorrow is July 1st, the date veterinarians start offering microchipping for $5. The receptionist said that the $5 microchipping is the local city of Laredo minimum requirement but they still have the $60 one that covers the state of Texas. What, what? Say that again?

$5 city of Laredo microchipping only covers the local area
$60 Critter Care microchipping covers the state
$15 LAPS microchipping covers the US through 24PetWatch

Because I am not sure that she was completely sure, I will ask readers to ask their own vet or do their own research.

As for me & Russ – we’ve been taken care of and are now in compliance with the ordinance. Oh wait… he has two other adopted brothers that still need microchipping. Darn! I am still out of compliance!

Twilight mania hit my dogs - hence the VAMPIRE pose, hahaha


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9 Responses to Chipping your chucho

  1. jack says:

    pos que toda madre!!

  2. Saralice says:

    lucky dogs!

  3. rick78 says:


  4. ____Hey !, you are plagarizing my nicks, i feel violated . . .

  5. rick78 says:

    Nip and Tuck animal episode !

  6. Annie says:

    Does “Chipping your chucho” sound dirty, or is it just me? LOL

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  8. Jovan says:

    Many thanks. we were googling on chipping in laredo and found your website.

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