TxDOT warns of Alex

I’ve already gotten the call from the Laredo Red Cross to prep for volunteering for the just in case. Let’s hope it stays a mild tropical storm but prepare for the unexpected.


TxDOT Laredo District preps for Tropical Storm Alex

Social Media to reinforce storm preparedness messages … See More

(LAREDO) – Currently, the TxDOT Laredo District is preparing to lend assistance and support to neighboring TxDOT districts and the traveling public in the following manner:

● Stocking up on fuel in case supplies are disrupted by the weather.

● Traveling potential evacuation routes to address any immediate repair needs.

● Getting response crews ready to provide assistance to impacted coastal regions after the storm makes landfall.

● Advising TxDOT employees to prepare their families for the days they may be away from home.

● Counting all our available traffic signal parts and components that can be moved to impacted areas to help with traffic signal repairs.

● Advising contractors to minimize lane closures (especially) on potential evacuation routes to expedite the flow of traffic.

● Getting TxDOT employees lined up to assist call centers which provide roadway condition reports.

● Participating in conference calls with other TxDOT districts to coordinate resources and needs throughout the state.

● Preparing roadside assistance crews to travel evacuation routed to assist stranded motorist.

● Last, but certainly not least, TxDOT is coordinating through the Texas Department of Public Safety to address any local government assistance that may be requested.

TxDOT is integrated into State Operations Center activities, and the TxDOT Emergency Operations Center is coordinating storm preparation for the department.

Important Tips for Residents:

1. Keep track of the weather

2. Know your evacuation routes. Keep a hurricane evacuation map and a regular state map in your vehicles at all times.

3. Evacuate with time do not wait until the last minute.

4. Keep your vehicles gas tanks full at all times during hurricane season.

5. Have emergency cash for fuel and other hurricane necessities.

6. Have your emergency supply box ready with flash lights, candles, water, canned foods, medication, first aid kit, and important document.

For road conditions, you can visit the TxDOT website at http://www.txdot.gov ( http://www.txdot.gov/ )or call TxDOT’s automated phone system at 1-800-452-9292.

Social Media to play important role in hurricane response:

Social media will play an important role in our hurricane response to this storm. TxDOT districts will reinforce storm preparedness messages through Twitter feeds.

Every TxDOT district has a Twitter feed and will be sending out a hurricane/weather-related tweet at least once a day. Coastal TxDOT districts will be sending out periodic updates throughout each day.

Each tweet will carry the hashtag #HurrAlex to provide an easy way to catalog all the tweets and allow all tweets to find hurricane information.

Flooding issues are likely to impact South Texas. Therefore, messages including “Turn Around. Don’t Drown.” will be conveyed.

Locate all TxDOT feeds here: http://www.txdot.gov/news/twitter_feeds.htm

TxDOT also maintains a Facebook page: ww.txdot.gov/facebook.

CONTACT: Raul Leal, TxDOT Laredo District public information officer, (956) 712-7416.

TWITTER: Follow the TxDOT Laredo District at http://twitter.com/txdotlaredo

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3 Responses to TxDOT warns of Alex

  1. ___fifty sixx years ago hurricane Alice dumped so much water in south Texas causing the great flood that took down our Bridge . . . se la vie

  2. Chicagoense says:

    Que Fregados: Thanks for alert message & good tips to wait for Alex! Good advice: Keep track of the weather all of you in Laredo!

  3. generic says:

    I have been looking for content like this for a research project I am working. Thanks very much.

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