Ghosts? In Laredo? Nah

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The Laredo Morning Times starts today’s edition with “A Ghost Story” … boooooooo (or in Spanish: buuuuuuuu…)

Paranormal investigators from the Southeast Michigan Ghost Hunters Society spent a couple of hours recently looking for suspicious activity inside the museum, which dates back to the early 1800s.

The story says they went to check out the museum of the Republic of the Rio Grande. Rick Villarreal showed them around the tiny structure and they set up all their machines to capture something. We won’t know their results for some time to come unless… remember the Laredo Paranormal Society post from a while back? Maybe they should have volunteered or the closest official one in San Antonio (Mission City Paranormal). I know there are a few people in Laredo with EVP and other recording gadgets – let us know sooner than Southeast Michigan’s folks, we want to know!

I love ghost stories and really have enjoyed Rick’s ghost story trolley tour in the past and love to listen to my neighbor’s ghost stories in their downtown homes. Alas, I remain, unconvinced. Maybe the logical side of me is too strong to believe that the kitchen lights that turn off when I walk in are anything other than the old electrical wires I haven’t replaced. I love to hear the stories, though – and the reasons why people think they have ghosts.

They investigators listed a few reasons why spirits remain and this was the fourth:

The fourth reason spirits don’t leave could be attributed to their love for their place, he added.

Some people had their best times at a certain place and just do not want to leave.

Investigators recalled an incident from a hotel room where the entity did not want to leave.

“He told us, ‘I know I’m dead, but I don’t want to go because I love it here,’” the spirit told investigators.

Hmmm… so that means I might be haunting Laredo (the many other places I have lived in were cool too so I will have to split my spirit) in a few years. If you hear a whispered “que fregadooooooooos….”, you will know it was me, or a clumsy ghost tripping over the shoes you left in the hallway.

Check out the Laredo Morning Times for the full story which should have a “to be continued” note at the end. Can’t wait to hear what this paranormal investigative team comes up with.


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5 Responses to Ghosts? In Laredo? Nah

  1. Nuno says:

    Well, they should have gone to LCC. That is the place that you do have some stories that have been told over the years.

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  3. ___that is old news, everyone knows that there are lots of US ghost in the old Laredo buildings, why we even come out and vote when there is a Election in town . . .

    ___also there is a Laredo “Ghosthunters” Organization and they have been chasing US for “Jears” . . .

  4. sonneandgone says:

    Awesome website I enjoyed reading your info

  5. Johnson says:

    Hey – I am definitely happy to discover this. great job!

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