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photo posted on the profile of the Laredo Restaurant Critic on Facebook

This idea has been a long time coming – especially with the number of (new and old) restaurants in this area. I am glad the Laredo Restaurant Critic started a Facebook page on Monday of this week. This anonymous person is providing an unpaid service that, who knows, might turn into a paying gig at some point. Maybe at some point they will turn it into a local blog so those without a Facebook account can also chime in with comments and opinions :).

S/he tries to stay objective, something that this city needs WAY more of. Check out the latest critique (the 3rd in just this one week – I have the feeling a certain critic is going to be gaining a few kilos):

Location : APPETIT 107 Calle Del Norte

Price – About $15 per person Dinner, Lunch special $8 (Not including tip)

Furniture – Contemporary Tables & Chairs. Sofa lounging area

Time from placing order to being served – About 15 minutes

Cleanliness Pro – Tables Tops and floor were clean. Bathroom(Co-Ed) very clean.

Cleanliness Con – No toilet paper in bathroom!!!

Service Pro – Waitress was very friendly. Very well informed about the menu items. Was always happy to give an honest opinion when asked. Refilled chips and salsa without hesitation.

Service Con – The restaurant was empty when I arrived. She kind of just stood there watching me eat. Kind of creepy. Aaaaaak – ward!!

Food Pro – The Chipotle Salsa and chips were excellent!!! The menu is extremely extensive. Giving you portion options on almost everything. They offer several meat options, chicken options and fish options. I ordered the Salmon. You can get a small, medium or large portion. The waitress gave me the option to have my Salmon topped with the Chipotle sauce. Great suggestion. The Salmon was cooked perfectly. The mashed potatoes were also great. The dessert options are not very varied, but they all looked good. I chose the Strawberry Cheescake with the Mostachon crust. It was topped with fresh strawberries. I could have had 2 more slices. Superb!!!!!! Oh and the Iced Tea was fresh.

Food Con – No free refills 😦 Not even on Iced Tea. I found a bone in the Salmon

Overall Opinion – You always hear people say, “I don’t mind paying for good food”, well, this is that place. I am from Laredo and this place stands out over most. Its a very quaint, homey, jazzy feeling kind of place(yes, they do have jazz music playing in the background). Its the kind of place you don’t just get there, eat and leave. You really do enjoy your meal there. The placemats are a piece of construction paper. Normally i would have said, “How cheap!”, but it was perfect for this. All of the meals were perfectly plated. The portions were good. And this place actually gives you good silverware to use. The napkins were good quality. The only thing I would change is the bathroom. When someone is using it, everyone can hear what is going on in there. Thankfully, the only time it was used while I was there, was to wash hands : ) Other than that, I wouldn’t change anything. For a moment there, I couldn’t believe I was in Laredo.

Was the food worth the money? Yes

Would I recommend this restaurant? YES YES

Let’s cheer on on more person’s opinion and experiences found on the web! Maybe we will have others join in and help improve Laredo’s customer service.


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Que Fregados is a quirky look at little things that strike us funny in Laredo and the unique Latino culture. Suggestions and comments are welcome. You can also email to
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One Response to Laredo Restaurant Critic

  1. Jenna says:

    Just adding to the review: My cousin had a baby shower there recently and the food and service were great!

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