Women interested in politics

Las Comadres Para Las Americas is looking for a few dedicated, smart, resourceful women. The organization (which I have mentioned before exists in Laredo – we have a get-together this Friday) is accepting applications for the TEXAS PUBLIC POLICY AND CANDIDATE TRAINING (TPP-ACT).

The application describes it as such:

The small number of Latinas involved in the political process statewide is startling given that Latinos are one of the fastest growing groups in Texas and throughout the country. There are few elected political officials to advocate for the needs of this emerging constituency. This is of concern given that many key policy decisions affecting Texas Latinos are made through these entities. While women are emerging at all levels –local, state, and federal– to express their desire to lead, there are few Latinas seeking political life and involvement. Las Comadres Para Las Americas hopes to change this, one comadre at a time!

Servant leadership and campaign training encourage people to become agents of change in their communities, while also educating them on the resources and skills to identify the issues they want to effectively address. The vision of the Texas Public Policy And Candidate Training (TPP-ACT) is to empower and increase the number of Latina leaders in Texas. Whereas, the mission is to enhance the overall quality and quantity of Latina political leadership in Texas by recruiting and preparing emerging leaders for public office and citizen activism now and in the future.

The TTP-ACT, part of Las Comadres Para Las Americas Legacy Programs Institute, is a state-level program designed to encourage Comadres in our Texas cities to participate in the political process by being informed on issues, candidates, and voting.

I can tell you from first hand experience that it is an eye-opening training. I never plan to run for office but I do enjoy being active in my community. Just to learn about the preparation needed, the budgeting and fund raising process, the experiences of other successful Latinas in office throughout Texas, and so much information about making a difference in your community – it was so worth the $400 (fund raising encouraged, not from your pocket) and the trips up to Austin.

Please review the application online and encourage local women to participate. South Texas is sorely lacking in development of ethical, educated women political leaders – even locally we have 0 mayoral candidates running for office (and have had only 1 woman mayor ever), only 1 council woman on city council, only 1 woman as a county commissioner, never heard of a Webb county judge that was a woman (I could be wrong), and the majority of the rest of local leadership tends to be male. Whether Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Socialist, right or left – we need better prepared women.

Do it! Do it! Do it! Or at least consider it seriously. We can create a better community with better prepared candidates and more informed citizens.

Las Comadres Para Las Americas (produced by Comadre Sylvia Martinez, NYC Comadres, video in .flv Flash Video format)

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2 Responses to Women interested in politics

  1. MaryHelen says:

    Thanks for this info! I can think of a handful of Laredo ladies that fit that criteria and I’m sure there’s many more emerging on the scene! I’m passing this on to them.

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