I want an iPhone NOW

This past Friday, the unthinkable happened. I lost my iPhone. I was only in one single not-so-big store on the Northside when my tragedy happened. The security guard and I searched and searched and retraced my steps and nothing. I left my info and called at night, called the next morning, and one more time – again, nothing.

The day before I lost my iPhone, I found someone’s ATM card on the street. I was going to scan it & hopefully find the owner and/or relieve her stress knowing that I was not going to use it at a local fast food place or gas station that doesn’t check zip codes. I am just not that kind of person but unfortunately I forgot it in my office and haven’t scanned it, so I have just become “that kind of person.”

So, is it Karma? Hmmm…

Nah, Karma Schmarma – I am just forgetful/busy and maybe my iPhone slipped between some towels or floor cracks or something. The good thing is that I had put in a passcode (yay me!), it was already old, scratched up and had a broken screen so it was time to give it up anyway. So I suspended my account and had been waiting patiently for Apple’s announcement today of a new iPhone 4. Well, it’s announced but not available until June 24th! Waaaaa… but it is sooner than I thought it would be available.

So why this post? 1) Found ATM will be scanned and posted as soon as I get back to the office (number not included, of course) and 2) Don’t call me, I will call you… if I can find a public phone.

Email works too – especially if you want to lend me a phone while I wait. We humans have so many ways we can communicate, a phone is not the only way and I can just drop the ATM card off at the local bank. So simple πŸ™‚


About Que Fregados

Que Fregados is a quirky look at little things that strike us funny in Laredo and the unique Latino culture. Suggestions and comments are welcome. You can also email to quefregados@gmail.com.
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6 Responses to I want an iPhone NOW

  1. rick78 says:

    Too much tech for me have trouble with the plain Jane cell phone without all the bells and whistles .

  2. ___good luck in finding a phone public booth, last one i saw was in the Plaza Hidalgo in Nuevo Laredo, for a few hundred dollars, i will provide an armored bulletproof vest and an armed escort

  3. que fregados says:

    Comments from Facebook:

    Alan Garcia
    June 24. AT&T Store. Be there to blog.

    Que Fregados
    will do!

    Yolanda G. Robbins
    oh..i’m not standing in line.. i’m pre-ordering..NOW

    Alan Garcia
    Pre-ordering is on June 15. And that’s what everyone camping out is doing at AT&T that day.

    Yolanda G. Robbins
    No…too hot here to camp out..LOL

    Alan Garcia
    Camping out at night lol.

    Yolanda G. Robbins
    then again, I will probably be in NH.. and get it tax free..

    Que Fregados
    I am too old for any kind of waiting but… I must.

    Annie Buentello
    I’m eligible for an upgrade-hurray!

    Liz Carrion
    Lets get it! I also plan to get one!

    Daniel Guerra
    I want one!!!!!

    Cuqui Rosillo
    It was meant to be QF blogger. What a coincidence that you lost your current one when the new IPhone is being uncovered. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    Jessica Carrillo
    I’m up for an upgrade so I will definitely pre-order on the 15th…!

  4. que fregados says:

    The other comments from Facebook:

    Sandra Rivera Barrera
    I feel your pain! Been there! Losing my contact list drove me to insanity!

    Jessica Carrillo
    My husband took me to make a payment and hadn’t realized that when I got out of the truck, I dropped my iPhone, which had been under my leg. We went back one hour later and found it!!!!!! Wow.. that was like….wow.

    Que Fregados
    lucky you! from that experience, you should really consider putting in a passcode – so that if someone finds it, they won’t get your info right away.

    Jessica Carrillo
    I do have one on it. The only thing that would’ve broken my heart were the pics I have stored of my kids. That is why I was hoping and praying that I didn’t lose it. And thank goodness I didn’t cuz those pics are priceless…

    Sandra Rivera Barrera
    Losing my iPhone taught me,if anything, to sync my phone as often as possible.

  5. Anonymous says:

    lo wats the big deal with this wack phone, the htc evo is way better lol and its not is at&t lol

    • Que Fregados says:

      To each their own. I already have an ATT account, am due for an upgrade and lost my iphone3G so… only natural I get an iPhone4. Besides, only iPhone has the app that lets me post from my phone – no other phone does.

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