Church at the Park – downtown Laredo

One morning in April, I hobbled over to join the mission group that gets together at Jarvis Plaza. For months they have been preaching, teaching and feeding those who gather regardless of race, status or creed (even us non-believers are welcomed).

The Hunger Relief truck had been a common site downtown and it always yanks my heartstrings when I see people run after the truck until it stops to give them a plate of food. We don’t like to acknowledge that people are hungry in Laredo but they are. The group that does this does not seek any publicity – I hope they don’t get angry that I even posted this interview. They have always welcomed me when I go and ask my millions of questions. On this day, I took my little camera and interviewed a friendly gentleman sitting by me. He was so nice that even though I said I had already eaten (I had a full breakfast at home), he still brought me a plate of food and a soda.

I am sorry monolingual English readers, I cannot translate this interview. For one, I got a C in my video editing class yeeeeeaaaars ago & have no clue how to insert a translation with captions – and two, I barely have the time to post anything nowadays (just check out how long it took me to even load this in! It’s been in my camera since April 25).

I am sure you can catch the gist of it – embracing Christian missionaries who chose downtown Laredo who are not pushy in any way and will even cut hair or try to bring volunteer medical care to the poor, the homeless, kids and elderly, men and women, and even welcome middle-class busybodies like me.

Eventually I will post a follow-up interview with one of the volunteers. At least that part made it out of my camera, it just needs to be edited just a little. Hope you enjoy the short interview.

FYI – the music was not added by me, it was playing in the background and, yes, I know my Spanish is very ranchy.

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3 Responses to Church at the Park – downtown Laredo

  1. Fito says:

    Your spinich is good!
    what i meant us that your spanish is good.
    Hope this group continues their mission and may their efforts be expanded.

  2. Unknown says:

    The City of Laredo has stopped the christians from feeding the hungry…. This is not a church group but a group of christians who are doing what the bible says and that is to feed the hungry…
    While I do not condone a religious group to have a church on public property, this is obviously not a church.

    • que fregados says:

      I stand corrected – the “Church at the Park” is the nickname given to the services provided. I should have made that clear.

      I did see a small group by the Bender Hotel this past Sunday – I didn’t realize they stopped giving out food out in group at Jarvis Plaza. Although I am not a believer, I do believe that building community is important and obviously they fed people who really needed it and wanted to be there. I still applaud them!

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