Wonder what they were talking about…

British Petroleum (BP) has introduced a catastrophe that had not been seen before near the U.S. Whether we want to think about it or ignore it, it will eventually affect those of us that are further inland. I know that the meeting BP was having at a local hotel today was probably not about how to stop the spread of crude in the gulf of Mexico but I am sure it is on their minds constantly (or I hope).

ABC News has an underwater video of the BP oil spill (aka the Deepwater Horizon spill) effort to stop it – check it out and see the gush of crude. I could have included videos comparing the immense destruction from the Exxon Valdez spill more than 20 years ago & its effects today but instead, I want to give readers who may be near the gulf area or those who visit frequently something positive to do. If you have a facebook account, you can add Project Tantalus and support the work of two professors in the tracking of the movement of chemicals in bodies of water.

Here is the overview of the facebook page:

Project Tantalus is a research project being run by Adam Braunschweig, who is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry at New York University and Mark Olson, who will be starting as a Professor in the Department of Science and Technology at Texas A&M, Corpus Christi, and Amy Scott, who is a researcher at Argonne National Laboratory. Their interests include mobilizing social networks to respond to environmental disasters, tracking the movements of chemicals through the oceans, and developing new methods to detect pollutants in sea-water. Adam and Mark hope to use this project to track chemicals that may have been released by the Deepwater Horizon spill into the Gulf of Mexico and use online social media, like Facebook, for scientific research. This research is not affiliated with any companies or non-profit organizations.

There is more to do than to just shake our heads at problems.


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One Response to Wonder what they were talking about…

  1. rick78 says:

    BP has a horrible safety record ! They first put profit in front of safety and many lives have been recklessly lost to this mindset.
    In Texas City ,Texas a BP plant exploded killing several and BP was very slow in settling with the relatives of the killed .Millions were levied to BP for safety violations !
    Similar stories in other plants owned by BP in the Houston area have occurred so it is not a surprise to me BP is responsible for this huge disaster !
    The white house is in bed with BP would not surprise me if they give them a bailout and the USA taxpayers foot the bill.

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