Laredo Crossfire’s teen boot camp prepares new site

the guys were on one side

While driving on Corpus Christi’s pretty dead road right before 8am on Saturday morning, I saw the flash of orange shirts setting up a new sign. They all read “Boot Camp”, hmm… interesting. I drive up and ask the very serious looking man on the ladder if I could take a picture and he says “yes” and I ask if it is a few service and he also says “yes”. Not a big conversationalist – but he was working and I was interrupting.

I had heard of Laredo Crossfire before – as a matter of fact, they have offices elsewhere as is found on their website. I am assuming that this non-profit is growing and is therefore just opening up a site. Maybe this is where all the Martin high school miscreants are going on the weekends? Actually, I am sure several probably are. Keep Laredo Beautiful has used young folk for some of its trash pick-up efforts and I am pretty sure this organization is where they came from.

I hope their boot camp concept really does help some of the more wayward young folks of this community. Maybe they shouldn’t just open one new Teens Boot Camp, maybe there should be a couple more.

For more information, contact the Laredo Crossfire Youth Services Teen Boot Camp personally at 956-795-0544. I only saw them as I drove by and don’t know much about the services.

the girls on the other side

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5 Responses to Laredo Crossfire’s teen boot camp prepares new site

  1. que fregados says:

    From Facebook:

    Albert Hernandez – This organization is doing a good thing for troubled youth & over the past 3 or 4 years they have grown, way to go Laredo Crossfire!

  2. David Young says:

    It’s great to hear that there are organizations that offers services to help troubled youths stay away from crime and gangs. Keep up the good work and I hope more parents and youths find your program.. The recovery of troubled youths are very important. Important because preparing youths for future employment is so vital, vital because these youths represent our future leaders and we can be very proud of them.

    Read this information if you want to know more about troubled youths:

  3. I have an out of control 15 yr old daughterpls help


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