Border*town Drive-in/Flea Market

photo credit... image floating around the internet but it does have a tiny credit on bottom left that I can't make out

The old photo of the Border*town Drive-In (above) has been circulating for years and even makes the main page of the Bordertown Blues blog. It was burned in my mind. Apparently not so burned that I also took the picture below thinking “so THAT’S where the old Border*town sign in went…”

The signs are similar so… maybe the Border*town Flea Market sign did come from the drive-in but from another part not pictured? I wasn’t here when it existed on San Bernardo. People tell me it was located where the Sam’s Club is now. Maybe the artists who created the one for the flea market is the same one as the drive-in or maybe it is just one big coincidence? Anyone, anyone?

photo by que fregados, amateur point and shooter


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14 Responses to Border*town Drive-in/Flea Market

  1. rick78 says:

    Very close maybe not a coincidence. Had good times at the old drive in an era of good fun days .

  2. BT Blues says:

    Nice connection. I think there was a purpose behind it. The star between the words “Border” and “town” is just too eerily similar to ignore as coincidence. Maybe it was an old sign to a side entrance or maybe an old ad sign?

    Either way, sharp eye.

  3. que fregados says:

    Comments from Facebook:

    Cuqui = Seeing this picture takes us back down memory lane. The Bordertown Drive In was one movie place. There was also the Fiesta Drive Inn on that side of town which didn’t last too long due to mosquitos breeding nearby from the Lake’s water. Maybe this place was on 59 and not 359.

    Jose = Your blogs are really interesting. Really enjoy them. Puts a local newspaper to shame.

    MaryHelen = Loved going to the Bordertown with my family when I was a little kid. Back then, it was one price per car, so you would see cars loaded up to the hilt with people! :oD Ours included!!

    Mary = I remember the drive-in; the clunky speakers w/all the cracklin’ noise u couldn’t even hear the movie. We used to take sandwiches. ‘Member?

  4. Glad to see someone else cares about the giant cow and the Bordertown Drive-In!

    Great work! Great blog!

    here’s a piece i am reworking that has a bit on the drive-in and a lot about laredo!

  5. Ricardo says:

    hi! I was looking for this picture due to losing it on a backup drive.

    I can shed a little light on the sign.

    the picture from what I am told is in fact the same sign from the drive-in. I’ve never been able to get a valuable source, but almost everyone I have talked to says it’s the original one.

    it’s hard to find any pictures of that drive-in at all and I was going crazy looking for one. I never thought I’d find one in color! plus everytime I would find one it would be the same black & white that had the movie marquee reading “flea market” or “pulga”.

    this picture means something to my family in a way. my late grandfather built that drive-in way back when. I wish I had listened to him more as a child because I could’ve known all about it.

    I’m also working on a version of it just for a side art project I have and hopefully I can share it with you once I get it done.

    thank you again so much.

    • ricardo, are you saying you have a high resolution image…. zap it to me if you don’t mind; i am currently revising a book for UT press and would LOVE to include it….. with full attribution/credit! thanks!

  6. valdezlopez says:

    Hi! Question from a recent reader of this blog.

    Which would be good flea markets to visit while in Laredo?

    And I mean big/large, crowded flea markets, with lots of different kinds of used/new items, from toys, to clothing, to books to anything.

    If anyone could point me in the right direction or hint me about days/hours of service, I’d appreacite it very much.

    Thanks! (

  7. Ernest says:

    I grew up in Laredo,Texas and went to the Bordertown Drive In. It had a front and back screen, playground for the kids , working speakers you hook on your car windows, the concession stand was awesome all movie foods and great memories of the sound of gravel crunching as cars and people walked on it. I miss that past time! Drive in should make a come back!!

    • Que Fregados says:

      I wish some deep pockets would hear you & invest in the nostalgia of a drive-in. I think the closest one to here is in Mercedes, Texas or somewhere in the Valley.

  8. Missing Bordertown Mural says:

    My father, the late Librado Perez was the artist who painted the “Bordertown” Twin Drive In mural. At that time he owned CSR Neon Sign Co. He passed away on October 7th, 1994 at the age of 69. He did not make the later flea market sign. My father was mostly know for all the neon signs that lit up Convent Ave as you drove into Laredo, TX from the International Bride. Beautiful, wasn’t it?

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