SCORE scores in Laredo

The materials we all received - very informative

I wish more people would have taken advantage of the great workshop put on by SCORE (Counselors to America’s Small Business) these last few days. I sat in one of the “Intro to Small Business” type of sessions that was hosted at the Laredo Mainstreet’s office. The details and examples that the seasoned presenter (Dr. Gordon Sanford from the San Antonio SCORE Chapter) gave really covered quite a bit of ground from insurance to business plans to definitions.

I had initially wanted to serve as a volunteer counselor but when they first started in Laredo last year but their leadership went from OK to… no comment. Hopefully more business people will volunteer in the Laredo community by helping new small businesses start-up with one-on-one mentoring. With more experienced volunteers, SCORE could really make a dent in growing Laredo’s small businesses – imagine the types of opportunities that could be created.

So if you see an announcement for a SCORE workshop being given by the San Antonio crew (mostly retired successful businesspeople) and you are interested in opening up shop or reinforcing the business you already have – then check out one of these sessions. Why re-invent the wheel and make your own mistakes when you can learn from those who’ve already been through it?

Dr. Gordon Sanford, former business professor and SCORE counselor from San Antonio


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2 Responses to SCORE scores in Laredo

  1. que fregados says:

    From reader Dennis:
    I did not know this was going on…And I receive their email notices. I would have gone if I would have known!!

  2. que fregados says:

    Dr. Sanford will be back next month. I hope more people can go and I hope SCORE finds more local support and can replace the local leadership so that it can move forward.

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