Martin Tigers behaving badly

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NBC-Pro8News (video above), Laredo Morning Times and LaSanbe blog have reported on all of the shenanigans going on at Martin High School.

By coincidence in timing, I have been cleaning out my storage room – my partner claims I am becoming a hoarder so I went through old office stuff cards & letters and starting throwing away junk. I ran across a letter sent to me by a student and I THINK it was a student at Martin High School (or possibly Alexander High School since I used to do presentations at both).

Scan of original letter with my name & student's name removed/blurred

I remember a little disruption at one of my presentations but nothing major. I am assuming it was his teacher’s idea to send me an apology letter but even so, at least I received an apology. Somehow I don’t think the disrespected teachers, the bomb threat affected, nor those scared by the trash can on fire will be receiving a written apology. If they do, I would be glad to post it to give us the brighter side of Martin High; you know – a little Chicken Soup for the Tiger Soul :).

Pro8News will have an interview with Superintendent Marcus Nelson on Monday. I’ll be waiting…


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8 Responses to Martin Tigers behaving badly

  1. rick78 says:

    I say it’s the teachers fault . For the most part most are pompous ,disrespectful towards the students and they reap what they sow. As difficult as those degrees were to earn that piece of paper will not teach how to be compassionate or respectful.
    The late Jaime Escalante proved this stating “students will arise to the level of expectation”.
    Granted there not be 100% rate but if applying Escalante’s philosophy I guarantee they will arise and return a ton of respect .

  2. macast says:

    Morals and good behavior come from home. Teachers have to deal with what the students learn and live in their household and the streets. Yes, as teachers we need to guide them and teach them right from wrong, but don’t tell me that the terrible conduct and horrible things they do are the “teachers fault”. As passionate as a teacher may be, their upbringing comes from home.

  3. rick78 says:

    If there is a problem at home it’s the teacher’s and district responsibility to rectify the problem. For the most part you teachers don’t give a damn . Look at the LISD truant officer who got arrested and the principle got in trouble for not reporting abuse that led to a child’s murder so PLEASE DON’T PASS THE BUCK AS YOU ALL DO !
    Seen first hand how you all boast about that worthless piece of toilet paper earned at college but yet complain about you alls job duties . Are quick to blame it’s a home problem .

    • macast says:

      You sure are upset at teachers. Hope you can get over your frustration soon and get to the bottom of what the real problem is. Think outside the box.

  4. Leo. says:

    Back in the ’04-’05 year at UHS, there was a bomb threat every day around the same time for a about two weeks, to the point where it was an unofficial part of the schedule, and many more throughout the year. I remember my teacher would say “We’re going to start the test after the bomb threat.” I don’t think the media ever took notice of it.

  5. Teacher14 says:

    Another thanks from me, Rob.

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