Cinco de Machete

Remember that Mex-ploitation film by Robert Rodriguez I had mentioned a few posts ago? Well Mr. Rodriguez (former Texan) and Hollywood friends have decided to send a little Cinco de Mayo message to Arizona with a newly released trailer for his film. Movies are movies and don’t necessarily represent everyone – but he is an interesting character. I am sure he will go back to his Spy Kids style someday but for now, he is excited about MACHETE coming out.

It is not for the squeamish, those easily offended and for those that do not understand what Mex-ploitation means. No se enojen.


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5 Responses to Cinco de Machete

  1. Annie says:

    Awesome! I can’t wait to show this in Chicano Lit. tomorrow!

  2. que fregados says:

    Facebook comment from Tonee:

    Fighting back! With lowriders and stereotypes, is this good for our people? Should we laugh it off and pretend that others won’t think that this is ‘WE’? I know it’s satire. It’s not made to offend right? As a country we’re reading less and being influenced more by what we see on that big screen in front of us.

    • que fregados says:

      Facebook comment from Lenny:

      The movie has been in the works for over a year, before this whole Arizona mess came about. It started off as a faux trailer between Robert Rodriguez’s and Quentin Tarantino’s grindhouse movies, Death Proof and Planet Terror. Due to the trailer, and the cult fandom of Danny Trejo, there was great demand that it be made into a feature film. If you … See Morehave seen the Grindhouse movies, you’ll realize that they are homages to movies/genres of old, of which “Mex-ploitation” was a genre.

      Don’t worry about what others think. If they are smart, they’ll realize it is satire, as you stated. I’ve noticed recently, with the Arizona fiasco, that others’ stereotypes of Mexicans or Mexican-Americans are alive and well in a big portion of America. This movie isn’t going to change anyone’s mind…there will still always be idiots out there. Just enjoy the movie for the (intentionally) mindless entertainment that it is.

  3. lennyarellano says:

    QF, enjoy your blog, and the pretty wide scope it covers. keep it up!

  4. rick78 says:

    Hollywood is mocking our race ! They will never recognize our contributions to history as far as they are concern we are an invisible race. In the movie forest Gump on the Vietnam scene where Gump saves his fellow soldiers from enemy fire and winning the Congressional Medal of Honor that happened in real life to Roy Benavidez also he won that prestigious medal . In essence Roy was a true hero but not a single movie has being to honor this great hero. There are countless other Hispanic heroes from all professions but Hollywood will never recognize or glorify our race !

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