Is pochear a word?

Finally got poached eggs!! I guess it is not that common to ask for them nor for overhard eggs?

Morning breakfast at Danny’s was so confusing. I asked for poached eggs. Apparently that is the first time the order taker had ever heard that term so I described it in Spanish “huevos cocidos en agua y poquito vinagre” (eggs cooked in water and a bit of vinegar). That did not work.

I asked for an overhard eggs, then. The confusion just got worse! She wanted to return back to the poached eggs so she asked the hostess/seater woman. Hijole! I had to describe poaching again and she said “no manejamos vinagre” (we don’t do anything with vinegar) so I said, “it can just be in water or make them some other way, I am not picky”. Over and over I told them that I didn’t really care how they made the eggs as long as it didn’t have runny whites.

My friend was giggling like only he can. So he also described the process again and said that you crack an egg in water so that it is not fried, because they thought I was saying hard-boiled eggs – which would have been fine for me but they wouldn’t get off the poached eggs issue. I went back to the overhard eggs and described that you fry both sides so the the yoke is a little hard but… noooooo… they wanted to comply with poached eggs.

The hostess just made things so much worse because she was condescending to the order-taker and tried to make her feel bad when she didn’t know what poached or overhard eggs when she didn’t know what they were either! I just kept saying “I DON’T CARE HOW YOU MAKE THE EGGS, you can bring them scrambled, in an omelet, however as long as the whites are not runny!”

So the order-taker finally just went to describe the process to the kitchen and she said the cook said “Ah, entonces los quiere ‘poached’” (Oh, she wants them poached) – Hahahaha.

When our other friend arrived, we were still giggling. She said we should have just asked for huevos pocheados. Somehow… I don’t think that would have worked either…


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9 Responses to Is pochear a word?

  1. stxparrothead says:

    try “huevo escalfado” next time

  2. David says:

    Haha, that is pretty funny. You’d think the wait staff would have just asked the kitchen first thing. I cook poached eggs at home often, but whenever I’m out for breakfast I order them over-easy just in case 🙂

  3. anonymous says:

    if they’re not on the menu then don’t order them. stay home and make them yourself.

  4. carolyn says:

    That’s Laredo for you.

  5. you even took a picture of the eggs u are crazy girl

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