Arizona, what is going on?

From Voto Latino’s website. Just posted a few minutes ago.
Audio from @KTAR923 confirming that Gov Brewer will sign immigration bill #SB1070 into law tomorrow.

A concerned reader posted the following. Because I am a concerned blogger, I re-posted. I just don’t understand how legalizing racial profiling is going to make things better – it is just going to make someone like me a suspect for everything. Let’s hope for the best for Arizona but I can already envision the tremendous backlash.

Risa del Angel
April 22, 2010 at 4:47 pm · Edit

IF it’s okay (this is the first blog I’ve ever commented at)…. something completely different…. BEFORE SATURDAY — for my 20-year old daughter’s safety (she lives in Phoenix) and the safety of, oh, countless thousands of other people of color just trying to go about their daily lives — PLEASE go to the link at the end of this message and sign to tell AZ Governor Jan Brewer to reject the new immigration law that would allow police to stop anyone they suspect of being undocumented to prove their citizenship on the spot or risk being arrested. In other words, this would be the first immigration law in the country to actually legislate racial profiling. This is from

The bill, SB 1070, gives police a mandate to racially profile – telling cops to interrogate and arrest anyone who simply “looks” undocumented and leaves their wallet at home. If cops refuse to comply, they risk being sued!

The Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police has come out against the bill, citing its damage to public safety and community trust, and civil rights groups are firmly against it. This is why we [] teamed up with our partners at Border Action Network,,, UFW, NCLR, CREDO Action, and Reform Immigration FOR America to deliver a strong message to the Governor yesterday.

Gov. Brewer has until Saturday to either sign or veto the bill. Please send her another message today – let’s show Arizona the nation is watching!

Gracias a todos.

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2 Responses to Arizona, what is going on?

  1. rick78 says:

    It’s nothing new has bee going on in the Houston area for decades . The Bush admin started this to deter attention off the Iraq war but created a uncontrollable monster now. Hispanics as quoted by Houston LULAC are in open season .

    • que fregados says:

      It is not new because it has been underground. Now that its slated to become law… it’s scary. You are right, though, Latinos are on the losing end for racial profiling right now.

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